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Technology trends in 2023


Hyperautomation – creating the business models of tomorrow

Hyperautomation and end-to-end automation are topics that every company will have to address in 2023. The combination and coordination of different automation technologies – such as robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) – is changing the way business is operated. End-to-end process automation incorporating these technologies will result in optimized workflows, increased efficiency and reduced costs.


What analysts have considered to be the most important trends with regard to digital transformation for years have now also reached business management. This is confirmed by a recent study carried out by a leading market research institute. 83% of the companies surveyed indicated that they will be focusing on the end-to-end automation and hyperautomation of processes in future, as the automation of individual tasks and workflows has already run its course as a successful concept.


Hyperautomation is an approach aimed at making business models fit for the future. The method goes beyond the use of individual technologies and combines RPA, AI, ML, natural language processing (NLP), process mining and analytics to form an intelligent automation concept. An automation platform acts as a central hub here, coordinating the individual technologies with each other and ensuring smooth, cross-functional interaction. The result is optimized, efficient end-to-end processes that allow for faster lead times and the optimal use of resources while also ensuring higher quality.


The implementation of hyperautomation is based on a holistic, strategic outlook. It is therefore critically important that management, IT and the individual departments are all on board from the very beginning. Establishing a Center of Excellence (CoE) has proven an excellent way of consolidating skills and knowledge. This forms the basis for a tactical approach and methodical implementation. Furthermore, data and empirical values from all departments are collected here and can be optimally analyzed in a targeted way.


“Companies have to address the topic of hyperautomation. In fiercely contested markets in particular, backing a comprehensive process automation solution is essential. The consistent digitalized, automated and perfectly synchronized business processes seen in hyperautomation offer numerous benefits and opportunities. They increase customer satisfaction, help to keep pace with technological changes and ensure that companies remain competitive,” comments Andreas Balsiger, Head of Product Management at Axon Ivy.