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HR redefined: Successful Europe-wide transformation at Ricoh

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Oliver Deutsch
by Oliver Deutsch

Ricoh Europe is successfully driving the change in HR. The company has enhanced its HR operations using the Axon Ivy Platform. By unifying diverse and disjointed processes across its national subsidiaries and by rolling out uniform, standardized processes throughout Europe, Ricoh not only elevates employee satisfaction but also fosters a more productive work atmosphere. In our interview Askaniusz Sawicki, Head of People Services & HR Transformation, Ricoh Europe, talks about the successful implementation of the automation project, which solution was implemented, and what employees across Europe got out of it.


Ricoh Europe recognized the need to redefine its HR department. What challenges did you face at the beginning of the project?

It is important to note that the entire project was very complex, partly due to the structure of our company. Ricoh Europe – that means more than 25 different OpCos and entities across Europe. So, we had to coordinate and integrate different HR systems and the work of all Europe-wide HR teams.


What were the first steps in the project with Axon Ivy?

Axon Ivy helped us simplify and automate all of our processes and integrate HR systems, which vary widely across countries. We determined in advance which common approach we wanted to pursue for every single HR process. We then began standardizing processes and tools.

In the beginning, Axon Ivy provided us with an MVP, a minimal viable product, so that we could implement sub-projects directly and see the first results. However, it was clear to Ricoh from the start that we didn't want to implement automation selectively. We wanted to approach the transformation strategically and position ourselves for the future. This also meant we need a solution that is designed to meet future needs and scale with business needs. And Axon Ivy can definitely do that.


What solution has Ricoh implemented, and how do employees benefit from it?

Our goal was to work with Axon Ivy to implement a solution that serves the entire workforce as a single point of contact for all HR topics. A so-called “one-stop shop” that provides all services for employees and managers. During implementation, the main focus was on the topics of "easy-to-use" and "user-friendly". And what can I say: we did it.


Why did Ricoh choose Axon Ivy?

The special thing about Axon Ivy is that they, as a company, are very brave. They are challenging the status quo. They helped us find the easiest, fastest, and most efficient way to coordinate all our systems. They've been very close to us and supportive, providing different types of support, not only the project management but also the business consultancy and the technical support for our IT. The overall package really impressed us, and our choice was confirmed over the course of the project. To cut a long story short, Axon Ivy is Ricoh’s “trusted partner” for digital transformation.