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Axon Ivy
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Analysts focus on Axon Ivy

Axon Ivy is recognized by major industry analysts such as Forrester Research, Gartner and Quadrant Knowledge Solutions as a leading platform for complex process automation.

Industry experts are impressed by Axon Ivy

Continuous innovation is close to our heart. In further developing our platform, we rely on the feedback and trend research of analysts. We are convinced that we are on the right track and can stay aligned with customer needs.

Logo Quadrant Knowledge Solutions

Axon Ivy is «Technology Leader»

According to Quadrant Knowledge Solutions 'Axon Ivy helps organizations rapidly digitize and automate business processes. With its robust technology platform, comprehensive functional capabilities, and compelling product strategy and roadmap, Axon Ivy is well-positioned to expand its market share in the global iBPMS market.”

Logo Forrester Inc.

Axon Ivy as «Strong Performer»

According to Forrester, «Axon Ivy […] allows customers from any industry to create tailored, low-code, process-oriented applications. The combination allows professional developers to work in a familiar and powerful environment backed by prepackaged offerings across a wide array of use cases like accounts payable and field service automation.»

Logo Gartner Inc.

Axon Ivy on the Magic Quadrant for iBPMS

According to Gartner, «Axon Ivy offers innovative capabilities using ML for workload predictions, [...] provides partners with great flexibility in their business relationships [...] and also provides a free marketplace add-on that allows end users and partners to share their own extensions. [...] Axon Ivy is a good platform for complex or adaptive case handling.»

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