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Introducing Axon Ivy

Find all the information you need about the platform's compelling features, our exciting cloud services and the developer community.

Outstanding capabilities

A digital process automation platform is the nerve center for successful digital transformation initiatives. As the central orchestration layer, the lightweight platform is responsible for bringing all systems and people together. Click on each capability to learn more:

Open Architecture
Extend systems as required
User Interface
Modern front-end technologies
Intelligent Mobility
Mobile and offline access
Social Collaboration
Efficient teamwork
Low-Code Support
Processes without programming
Business Rule Engine
Intelligent decision making
Standard connectors and more
Adaptive Case Management
Making processes fexible
Process Engine
Powerful process automation
Modern Runtime Platform
Environment with container support

Process automation at a glance

Axon Ivy Cloud

To ensure maximum flexibility in the choice of IT infrastructure, Axon Ivy offers the complete technology not only on-premise but also in the cloud.

  • Own environment online in less than 5 minutes
  • Suitable for all company sizes
  • No IT knowledge necessary
  • Full range of functionality guaranteed

Developer community

As a developer and process owner, you will find all information about the platform right here. You can also get to know our core development team.

  • Download the latest versions
  • Access to detailed documentation
  • Access to the Public API
  • Axon Ivy Market for Add-ons
  • Q&A Forum with free support