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Axon Ivy
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Process automation for energy and utility companies

Water, sewage services, electricity, dams, and natural gas.

Increase customer loyalty, ensure legal compliance, and improve your efficiency

Energy and utility companies are under pressure: The market is developing extremely dynamically. A high level of transparency enables customers to switch providers instantly online without having to contact the new and previous contract partner. In addition, there are constantly increasing legal requirements and compliance regulations. These need to be adhered to in order to avoid penalties and reputational risks. All this is forcing companies to provide better service and greater transparency – and not just to customers.

«Only by consistently digitizing our processes were we able to maintain our business operations during the pandemic. By completely moving all our core processes to modern web-based tools, both our employees and our customers were able to work without any discontinuity.»
Head of Management Staff, Processes & Systems

It takes more than a standard “off-the-shelf” solution to meet these requirements. Companies achieve personalized service only through custom solutions. In addition to integrating existing enterprise applications and complying with legal requirements, companies must always focus on their customers.


That is where Axon Ivy can help. We offer a wide range of solutions to master the growing challenges of a highly competitive market. The digitization, automation, and orchestration of your business processes will make your operations much more efficient.

The Axon Ivy platform optimizes end-to-end business operations across your entire organization and automates departmental processes. Axon Ivy’s scalable architecture and flexible license model allow you to expand from initial implementation to an enterprise-wide platform.

Use case 'Connection of homes'.

Digitization of house connection

At a large energy company, the residential connection process has been digitized. This allows multiple connection types and core functions to be efficiently delivered by its electricity and gas divisions.


This simplifies the customer ordering process for regulated and 3rd party complimentary products. In addition, the tasks performed by the installers are automated and monitored seamlessly.

Use case 'Waste disposal process'.

Waste disposal process

A major waste management firm relies on the Axon Ivy Platform to digitize its entire waste disposal process. A continuous process ensures the legally required process and procedures are followed from generation, through multiple transport services, to disposal.


Axon Ivy provides a unified application for the waste process (front-end and back-end). The process is digitized from initial order to automatic invoice generation, including IoT integration.

Use case 'Mobile quality control'.

"Mobile Quality Check"

An automated “Mobile Quality Check” process at a leading services organization improves the quality of maintenance, inspection, and on-site service work for its customers. Complicated Excel sheets, unnecessary email correspondence, and inefficient paper-based processes are now avoided.

We grow with you: Axon Ivy’s scalable architecture and flexible license model allow you to expand from initial implementation to an enterprise-wide platform.
Let us crush the complexity of your projects together and improve the quality, reliability, speed, and cost of operations.

Why Axon Ivy?

Axon Ivy provides superior functionality compared to other less comprehensive platforms or to what can be achieved by custom software development.

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