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Axon Ivy
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Process automation for retail and travel

Retail, wholesale, specialized wholesale, travel agencies, tourism and transport companies.

Seamless omnichannel service, streamlined supply chain, and operational excellence

The industry of retail and travel is one of the world’s most dynamic and competitive ones. Companies face increasing pressure to manage e-commerce supply chains more efficiently, meet growing supplier and vendor efforts to pass on higher costs, make large investments to match new competition and absorb steadily rising labor costs. And all of this must be achieved without passing on costs to customers.


According to McKinsey, the most successful companies in the retail and travel industry will be those that connect with consumers in new ways by leaning in on their digital, omnichannel, and in-store technology initiatives. The future of retail and travel requires overcoming complexity and becoming more agile in order to meet changing consumer needs.

«Automating processes with Axon Ivy helped us deliver consistent customer experiences while reducing costs and improving performance and profitability.»
Chief Operating Officer, multi-national grocery chain

Working with the biggest names in retail and travel, Axon Ivy helps to streamline and scale their business processes. Through the implementation of our process automation technology, we digitize, automate, and orchestrate supply chains, operations, marketing, finance, and eCommerce. Your advantages are:

The Axon Ivy platform is engineered to optimize end-to-end business operations across your entire organization but can also be deployed to automate departmental processes. Axon Ivy’s scalable architecture and flexible license model allow you to expand from initial implementation to an enterprise-wide platform.

Use Case 'Orchestration of consulting processes'.

Improve online customer service

Axon Ivy's retail and travel solutions help you improve online customer service, including processes such as product returns, cancellations, and consulting. We let you focus on your customers instead of struggling with complex systems.


Our customers see the returns and cancellation processing and optimized advisory services as an opportunity to differentiate themselves based on superior customer service, reduce churn, and win market share rather than treating it as an unpleasant manual and cost-intensive job.


Streamlined processes and intuitive portal functions improve service quality while at the same time reducing training time.

Use case 'Streamlining the procurement process'.

Sourcing and procurement processes

Companies in the retail and travel industry automate and digitize their sourcing and procurement processes with Axon Ivy. This results in centralized operational processes, including purchasing as well as supplier and provider management, and increases overall productivity while reducing costs.

Inventory Management with Axon Ivy.

Back office operations

Our customers in retail orchestrate front and back-end solutions enabling better inventory management. By orchestrating IoT solutions, such as smart shelves, with back-end inventory processes, they prevent running out of stock and intelligently manage supply and demand. This leads to more efficient operations, better cost control, and more satisfied customers.

Whether you want to integrate point solutions with your connected end-to-end business processes, or to quickly build custom applications which will differentiate you from your competition, Axon Ivy can help you transform customer experience and deliver operational as well as service excellence.

Why Axon Ivy?

Axon Ivy provides superior functionality compared to other less comprehensive platforms or to what can be achieved by custom software development.

Our customers

Our customers around the world rely on the technology and solutions from Axon Ivy.