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Read exciting stories about digitalization and discover the latest trends.

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9 min read
by Benedikt Diekhans

Five steps for identifying processes with the potential for automation

In order to remain competitive in the digital age, companies have to automate and digitalize their business processes. To do this, they first have to...

6 min read
by Benedikt Diekhans

With optimized processes towards automation

Thinking and planning are essential for companies. In this way, they can defend their current market position and maintain or expand it long-term....

6 min read
by Andreas Balsiger

Focusing on the interaction between different automation technologies

Hyperautomation will remain one of the most important technology trends in the coming years. It supports the digital transformation of companies,...

5 min read
by Joachim Brügger

Valuable data for predictive maintenance

As required by the paradigm shift in digitalization, the automation and optimization of business processes are already being intensively pursued in...

6 min read
by Rolf Gebhard Stephan

Consistent end-to-end digitalization as a successful basis

The changing dynamics affecting the market, given the digital age, are immense. Due to new customer needs and competitors, companies must take...

8 min read
by Rolf Gebhard Stephan

Three ways to a digital company

Digital transformation promises to make corporate processes more straightforward and efficient. There are many ways to achieve this. Finding the best...

5 min read
by Prof. Dr. Marco Mevius

Implementing resilience – business continuity through digitalization

Resilient business processes and correspondingly robust IT infrastructure is currently becoming a central factor for many market participants. This...

4 min read
by Pascal Gerber

Democratization of Expertise – Knowledge becomes common property

Democratization of Expertise means that access to tools and systems, which are normally for IT experts is also open to laypersons.

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