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Pascal Gerber
by Pascal Gerber

Radical industry transformations are probably the most significant opportunities that have opened up for medium-sized companies in many years. More agile, faster and more flexible: Thanks to these factors, decisions can be implemented much more quickly and opportunities for change can be more easily exploited.


Identifying with the company

It is exciting that medium-sized companies can generally rely on a higher level of identification by their employees. This is directly connected to a company's ability to change. Employees are aware that the path to the future is not possible without change. In this way, she or he has a positive attitude towards change and as a result such initiatives can be implemented more quickly.

A higher level of identification also means that the willingness to learn is greater. When talking about radical industry transformations, it's about a company embarking on a journey for which an enormous number of new things can and must be learned - including by individual employees.


Focus on agility

Stormy times of change are usually also stormy times for entrepreneurs. During such times, they have to leave their comfort zone, act flexibly and react quickly to events. Standard offers are a thing of the past. Customers expect their individual behavior or individual needs to be taken into account. In the future, therefore, those companies that can offer their customers individual offers at exactly the right time will be the ones that remain competitive. Thankfully, a digital business platform can take an old clunker and transform it into a high-performance sports car more quickly than is generally assumed. A digital business platform automates business processes and thus creates the opportunities for a closer customer relationship and, above all, to act and react much more quickly.

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