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Radical Industry Transformation

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Pascal Gerber
by Pascal Gerber

As the old saying goes, the only thing constant in life is change – and this applies today more than ever. However, radical transformation in business also brings huge opportunities for both major companies and medium-sized enterprises  alike. Added agility, speed, and adaptability are not only needed for companies to survive on today’s market – these goals also allow them to remain competitive in the future. This can be achieved by a consistent digitalization and automation of workflows and processes.


Standard products and services are yesterday’s news

Customers are increasingly demanding products and services that are tailored to their needs. This means only companies who are able to offer their customers individual solutions at exactly the right time will remain competitive in future. The goal is to ensure customer satisfaction through short delivery times and high quality. If a company resembles an old, slow oil tanker, a digitalization platform can help to transform it into an agile speedboat instead. The automation of business processes allows companies to act and react much faster than before – and thus to get closer to their customers. This is not only critically important for international corporations – medium-sized enterprises also have to identify and exploit the potential of automation.  


Courage is needed to make the first step

This doesn’t have to be done all at once – automating just a few simple processes already brings significant added value. The scalability of the implemented process solution makes it possible to react quickly to changing conditions – such as organic growth or new market situations – and allows the company to grow against the backdrop of changing requirements and circumstances. This is particularly important when changes are going on inside the company, as the solution must also be able to react and keep working as normal following restructuring. The level of automation can be increased step by step accordingly, with an increasing number of processes incorporated.


Identification with the company

In times of change, medium-sized enterprises have a huge advantage in that they can usually rely on a higher level of identification with the company among their staff. This is directly linked to a company’s ability to change. With clear communication and a transparent process, employees are made aware that future success is not possible without making changes. This means they have a positive attitude towards these changes and embrace them in their work, leading to a smooth implementation of the necessary steps.


Starting the journey together

When a radical industry transformation is unavoidable, both large corporations and medium-sized enterprises are faced with a journey where there is a lot to learn on the way. Medium-sized enterprises in particular shouldn’t fear this step – the opportunities and added value speak for themselves. The digitalization and automation of processes frees up both time and resources, increases the service quality, and reduces risks and error rates. If those in charge implement the necessary steps strategically, methodically, and clearly, their employees will also be open to these changes and leave the door open to a successful transformation.

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