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Axon Ivy
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Process automation for insurance companies

Property and casualty insurance, life insurance, health insurance, reinsurance.

Provide superior customer service, and improve operational excellence

The pressure of changing consumer expectations, combined with the retiring of legacy systems and the rapid pace of technological innovation, is pushing insurance companies to accelerate their digital transformation journeys.


A one-size-fits-all approach no longer meets the needs of today’s insurance firms. On the road to digital excellence, insurers must provide exceptional client experiences, drive growth and retention, improve behind-the-scenes efficiencies, and ensure effective and compliant underwriting processes.

«We inspire our customers with exceptional experiences to drive growth and customer loyalty while achieving an effective return on investment.»
Oliver Deutsch, Director Sales & Marketing at Axon Ivy

That is where Axon Ivy can help. We enable primary insurance and reinsurance companies to turn ideas into action. We offer a wide range of solutions to master the growing challenges of a highly competitive market. Your advantages of digitization, automation, and orchestration of your business processes are:

Axon Ivy is engineered to optimize end-to-end business operations across your entire organization but can also be deployed to automate departmental processes.

Use case 'Streamlining insurance claims'.

Streamlining insurance claims

Axon Ivy streamlines insurers’ claims processing with an AI-based case management solution. This results in enhanced customer experience, reduced operating costs, and controlled inherent risks associated with the claims process.


With Axon Ivy, you complete more work while making fewer errors. There is no better way to foster stronger connections with policyholders.

Use case 'Orchestration of consulting processes'.

Orchestrated business processes

End-to-end customer portal solutions maximize the value of every customer interaction. With Axon Ivy, you resolve customer issues thanks to orchestrated business processes and connected front and back-end systems. Simplified processes and highly intuitive portal functions improve service quality while reducing training time.


Customers can for example request consulting services through a guided process. An intuitive app allows managing consulting services and appointments. The system books the appropriate consultant and orchestrates all further necessary steps and information.

Axon Ivy customers also improve the productivity of back-office operations.

Back office operations

Our customers also improve the productivity of back-office operations. GRC and regulatory requirements, marketing, human resources, and many other administrative processes are often overlooked when it comes to increasing work productivity. These functions often have policies and procedures memorialized in documents and spreadsheets.


We put these critical imperatives in motion, ensuring that procedures are followed as prescribed, handling exceptions, and following up when they are not.

We grow with you: Axon Ivy’s scalable architecture and flexible license model allow you to expand from initial implementation to an enterprise-wide platform.
Let us crush the complexity of your projects together and improve the quality, reliability, speed, and cost of operations.

Why Axon Ivy?

Axon Ivy provides superior functionality compared to other less comprehensive platforms or to what can be achieved by custom software development.

Our customers

Our customers around the world rely on the technology and solutions from Axon Ivy.