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Axon Ivy
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Process automation for healthcare and pharma

Medical practices, hospitals, retirement and nursing homes, pharmacies, pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers.

Optimize patient experience, achieve data quality, and compliance

The business models of today’s healthcare and pharma providers are changing. Value-based payment models, bundled payment arrangements, outcome-based incentives, etc. are driving a need for digital transformation. Adding to these business drivers are a host of compliance policies and procedures which must be flawlessly adhered to.


In addition, providers need to create exceptional experiences for patients, physicians, staff, and health insurers. Patient-centric processes which lend themselves to automation include new patient registration, health record management, preventative health campaigns, and practice management.

«We delight our customers with exceptional experiences to drive growth and retention while achieving an effective return on investment.»
Rolf Gebhard Stephan, CEO at Axon Ivy

That is where Axon Ivy can help. We enable healthcare and pharma providers to turn documented processes into action. Axon Ivy offers a wide range of solutions to master the growing challenges of highly regulated industries. Your advantages of digitization, automation, and orchestration of your healthcare and pharma processes are:

Axon Ivy is engineered to optimize end-to-end processes across your entire organization but can also be deployed to automate departmental processes.

Onboarding of physicians and employees.

Onboarding of physicians and employees

Studies have shown that it takes on average 100 days and can cost over $200,000 to onboard a physician. Axon Ivy has been used as a platform to automate the physician credentialing process, reducing onboarding time and costs, reducing fraud, and improving compliance rates and quality.


Companies in healthcare and pharma can also automate the onboarding of additional employees with the help of Axon Ivy. The process inspires new employees, simplifies HR work, and makes new hires a breeze for both sides.

Axon Ivy is used in the context of quality management.

HR and quality processes

Other HR processes are also high-impact automation targets for Axon Ivy, including recruitment, procurement/provisioning, scheduling (workforce management), staff retention, and offboarding.


Furthermore, Axon Ivy is used in the context of quality management. For example, a digital management system enables knowledge and technology transfer in the pharmaceutical industry. Digital processes ensure the smooth interaction of subsystems and players and guarantee the secure and compliance-accordant implementation of requirements.

Back office operations.

Back office operations

Our customers also improve the productivity of back-office operations. HIPAA and regulatory requirements, marketing, and many other administrative processes are often overlooked when it comes to increasing work productivity. These functions often have policies and procedures memorialized in documents and spreadsheets.


We put these critical imperatives in motion, ensuring procedures are followed as prescribed, handling exceptions, and following up when they are not.

We grow with you: Axon Ivy’s scalable architecture and flexible license model allow you to expand from initial implementation to an enterprise-wide platform.
Having a platform that enables end-to-end processes is what every healthcare and pharma company needs. Let us crush the complexity of your projects together and improve the quality, reliability, speed, and cost of operations.

Why Axon Ivy?

Axon Ivy provides superior functionality compared to other less comprehensive platforms or to what can be achieved by custom software development.

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Our customers around the world rely on the technology and solutions from Axon Ivy.