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Peak performance instead of repetitive tasks
Accelerate application development with our component- and template-based technology stack.
Axon Ivy development environment for IT department
Beyond low-code

The automation solution for:
simple to complex processes

Inefficient business processes are a major problem in companies

The biggest problem:
inefficient processes

Disparate systems, isolated applications, and constant demands from the business often require ad hoc solutions and fast reactions. Inefficient processes are the inevitable consequence. Does your corporate IT department always deliver what your business users expect?

An automation platform with low-code support enables you to automate end-to-end processes and orchestrate people, processes and systems.

Numerous requirements are met by IT departments with an agile development environment

The ultimate goal:
Everything under one roof

Your success depends on driving automation and implementing innovative solutions. Business users also demand delivery of tailor-made applications as quickly as possible.

Finally, you must align solutions with your company’s IT strategy – no stand-alone solutions, investment protection for legacy systems, and open and well-designed architecture for new solutions. Axon Ivy helps you meet all these objectives.

Create the Strongest foundation

Leverage existing infrastructure
with cutting edge technology

No-code, low-code, and full-code automation

Experience the best of all worlds by implementing both extensive, complex processes and user-friendly applications with ease. The versatile Axon Ivy platform combines the power of no-code, low-code, and full-code automation to make it all possible.

Integration of Third-Party Systems

Integrate applications with existing systems and data sources with the Axon Ivy low-code platform. Standard connectors make it easy for you to achieve complete process integration.

Adaptive Case Management

Design your process flows flexibly. The Axon Ivy low-code platform allows you to add ad hoc steps, change the order of flows, and drop individual tasks as needed.

Business Rule Engine

Define, manage and execute business rules independently of processes. Axon Ivy's Business Rule Engine makes them available centrally and enables integration into various processes.

Open IT Architecture

Streamline your processes like never before by linking them intelligently. With its open architecture, Axon Ivy acts as a unified control center, seamlessly mapping the complexity of your internal processes for enhanced efficiency.

Axon Ivy provides a central hub that brings technologies, systems and people together. By building upon your existing infrastructure, you can develop new applications directly on the platform, and implement process automation step-by-step.

Thanks to the combination of low-code and full-code support you can digitize and automate processes without limits - from simple, user-friendly applications designed by business users to complex business solutions built by the IT department.

Axon Ivy’s technology stack includes templates, plug-ins, and widgets which simplifies and accelerates development. The process- and model-driven approach optimizes collaboration with your business units.

FuturePay for merchants product demonstartion
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With Axon Ivy, we enable our business units to design applications using low-code. This reduces the workload on our IT staff and allows us to deliver digitization projects that meet our needs faster.
Meiri Sage, Director of Product Management FuturePay Holdings Inc.

Meiri Sage

Director of Product Management, FuturePay Holdings Inc.

Stay ahead of the
automation curve

With Axon Ivy, you can efficiently implement process automation projects – often within four weeks. The low-code platform is highly scalable, and meets your company’s objectives for increased productivity and customer satisfaction.
With Axon Ivy, companies integrate new technologies and thus make innovations usable

Innovate anytime

The technology of the Axon Ivy platform is constantly being updated and upgraded. This allows you to dynamically integrate new technologies and tools as they become available without custom development.

IT-Abteilung erfüllt die Anforderungen der Fachabteilungen mit Axon Ivy

Close the expectation gap

Streamline development of applications of any complexity, ensuring scalability and integration capability. Axon Ivy enables business units to collaborate with IT throughout the process. This means delivering solutions quickly which match business requirements.

Axon Ivy ermöglicht es Unternehmen durch effiziente Prozesse um Zeit, Budget und Ressourcen zu managen

Use resources productively

As your business processes become more complex, the advantages of automation become more significant. Time, budget, and human resources are optimized when inefficient processes are automated with Axon Ivy.
More than 750 companies around the globe rely on Axon Ivy
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