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Axon Ivy
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Process automation for the public sector

Federal, central, state and local government, defense, universities.

Accelerate digitalization,
simplify processes

An administration designed to meet current requirements must constantly renew itself. For this reason, public sector organizations aim to streamline and modernize their administration to provide smooth services to citizens and businesses. At the same time, the focus is shifting to improving collaboration at all levels. The digitization of administration holds a great deal of potential. If this potential can be exploited, enormous cost savings and improvements in operational performance can be realized. This releases large sums of economic value worldwide.


What sounds understandable and feasible in the private sector presents major challenges for public authorities. This is because there are fundamental differences both in the organization itself and in all IT areas. It takes more than a standard "off-the-shelf" solution to meet the requirements of public institutions. Consistent results can only be achieved by integrating the existing IT landscape and complying with current legal, regulatory and security requirements.

«We are very satisfied with the Axon Ivy automation platform and the resulting solution has become an integral part of our work.»
Albert Steger, Civil Inspector, Schwyz canton

This is exactly where Axon Ivy can help. With our leading platform, we help you introduce smart new technologies while building on your IT investments. Digitizing, automating and orchestrating your business processes accelerates the modernization of your entire IT and extends your legacy systems.

Axon Ivy provides you with a leading-edge process automation environment for developing and deploying applications, building great UI/UX, integrating bots and ecosystems, and measuring performance through embedded analytics and artificial intelligence. Open standard technologies, outstanding developer comfort (low-code and pro-code!), and a future-proof architecture will facilitate rapid development and generate cost savings from standardization and reuse.
Success story 'Swiss cantons Zug and Schwyz'.

Automated naturalization

The Swiss cantons of Zug and Schwyz are automating the naturalization process. Until now, processing naturalization applications was an extremely time-consuming process with many manual tasks using Excel spreadsheets, paper forms, and e-mail.


Since the introduction of the Axon Ivy-based 'Citizenship Administration' process solution, the naturalization process has become highly automated. The result: simplified processes, faster decisions, and freeing up valuable time and resources.

Use case 'eGovernment'.

eGovernance within federal administration processes

As the responsible official agency of the Swiss Federal Administration, the Civilian Service Enforcement Agency (ZIVI) has implemented an application to manage the administration and reporting of the Swiss civilian service.


For several ten thousand civil servants, involved organizations, and internal staff, Axon Ivy acts as a central process orchestrations layer, including business rule engine and document generation, as well as tight integration into SAP and Swiss public IT systems. This end-to-end solution enables smooth and efficient application processing and ensures internal clerks can now focus on their core competencies.

Bundeshaus Bern.

Front- and back-end solutions

Our public sector customers also improve the productivity of their internal operations. GRC and regulatory requirements, marketing, human resources, access- and identity management and many other administrative processes are often overlooked when it comes to increasing work productivity. These functions often have policies and procedures memorialized in documents and spreadsheets.


We put these critical imperatives in motion, ensuring that procedures are followed as prescribed, handling exceptions, and following up when they are not.

The benefits of digital transformation can be enormous for public administration. But to realize them, public authorities need digital flexibility. Whether you want to discover e-government services, integrate IT Systems with your connected end-to-end business processes, or consistently improve internal efficiency and process quality – Axon Ivy can help you transform citizens’ experience and deliver operational excellence.

Why Axon Ivy?

Axon Ivy provides superior functionality compared to other less comprehensive platforms or to what can be achieved by custom software development.

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