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Workflows as You Imagine

Resolve with Axon Ivy the biggest problems: inefficient processes

The Biggest Problem: Disjointed Processes

Repetitive tasks, disparate applications, and communication across various channels – this leads to administrating inefficient processes instead of focusing on customer satisfaction. Furthermore, many organizations struggle with visibility of business processes across departments.

To eliminate these roadblocks and establish digital processes, you need a solution that facilitates close collaboration between your team and the IT department.

Businesses master ther challanges with Axon Ivy

Your Challenge: Staying on Top of Things

Your department operates within fixed time and budget parameters which are non-negotiable. Having complete visibility and the ability to react flexibly is critical.

Thanks to our intelligent low-code platform, you always have fast access to all necessary information and can implement automated workflows and user-friendly applications as required. This enables you to meet new business needs quickly and easily.

Achieve what you imagine

Efficient Workflows, Happy
Customers and Employees

An automation platform with low-code support enables the implementation of customized applications and workflows without media discontinuity within your department.
Users work on an intuitive user interface, in-depth system knowledge is not required. Intelligent AI solutions support needs-based implementation.
Axon Ivy is also the perfect match for your IT

Also for IT Users: Comprehensive Development

Automate complex and extensive processes on the powerful Axon Ivy platform. The ready-made technology stack simplifies and accelerates development. Benefit from the comprehensive options for integrating innovative AI functions.

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Global Collaboration

Collaborate effectively on tasks and new applications – within the team and with the IT department. Axon Ivy serves as a central hub that connects all systems and users.

Faster Application Development

You and your team can implement user-friendly workflows quickly and easily with Axon Ivy – without any in-depth technical knowledge. Integrate innovative AI solutions easily and securely into your workflows.

Flexible Transformation

Transform your department into a dynamic powerhouse of innovation and agility. With the cutting-edge Axon Ivy platform, stay ahead of the curve by swiftly adapting to evolving business needs while giving your team unparalleled flexibility.

Extensive Mobility

Access to information whenever you need it, via laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Axon Ivy provides you with the data you require on any device, and enables process work anytime and anywhere.

Axon Ivy offers a customized user interface

Customized User Interfaces

Elevate your user experience to the next level with Axon Ivy. Create personalized, intuitive user interfaces tailored to your unique preferences and take full control of your interface design.

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"Thanks to the new application, we can now map change requests [...] in a central system. This makes the process transparent for everyone involved and significantly improves process quality."

Head of Business Consulting

LGT Financial Services

Invest in Your Team –
it Pays Great Dividends

Building a modern work environment with Axon Ivy is a future-oriented investment: Your team will be designing user-friendly applications and smoothly running workflows in no time. Best of all, the platform brings existing software and systems together – for greater efficiency and productivity.
Increase customer satisfaction with Axon Ivy

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Your team knows best what your internal and external customers require. Efficient workflows, created and customized as needed, deliver a great customer experience.
Optimize time and resources with Axon Ivy

Meet Budget Requirements

Maximizing your time and budget is essential to achieving success. With automated workflows, not only can you cut costs, but you can also save time and minimize risks. Manage your resources effortlessly and gain the flexibility to operate your business with ease.
Best collaboration of Business and IT

Collaborate Everywhere

Unlock the full potential of collaboration with seamless access to documents, chats with colleagues, emails, and wikis. Never miss a beat no matter where you are – all information is neatly organized in one central platform.

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