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Axon Ivy
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Process automation for banking and financial services

Retail banking, commercial & investment banking, universal banking, wealth management, brokerage, fintech.

Create digital services, drive efficiency and ensure compliance

The financial industry is facing significant upheavals. Fintechs are entering the market and challenging the core businesses of established institutions. This trend will continue in the years to come. In addition to the low-cost or free offers from new providers, persistent negative interest rates increase the pressure on banks to increase efficiency along the value chain.

«At Axon Ivy, we empower financial institutions to turn great ideas into high-impact business applications quickly.»
Detlev Stierhof, Senior Account Manager at Axon Ivy

That is where Axon Ivy can help. We offer a wide range of solutions to master the growing challenges of a highly competitive market. Your advantages of digitization, automation, and orchestration of your business processes are:

Axon Ivy is engineered to optimize end-to-end business operations across your entire organization but can also be deployed to automate departmental processes.

Use Case 'Orchestration of consulting processes'.

Streamlining customer lifecycle

Axon Ivy customers streamline the entire customer lifecycle through unified, multi-channel applications. Applications range from digital onboarding of private and corporate customers to handling changes to automating offboarding processes.


For example, an intuitive app allows managing consulting services and appointments. Customers can request consulting services through a guided process. The system books the appropriate consultant and orchestrates all further necessary steps and information.


With Axon Ivy, you exceed customers’ expectations while drastically reducing your costs of service and mitigating risks.

Use Case 'Global campaign management'.

From loan to financing to marketing processes

Axon Ivy customers expedite all sorts of loan and financing processes, including trade finances, mortgages, and many more. We provide you with the agility to reduce operational risk and deliver exceptional customer outcomes at the same time.


Furthermore, financial institutions use Axon Ivy as a central platform for managing marketing campaigns worldwide. All activities are planned, controlled, and documented without media discontinuity. The budget is organized and distributed via the Axon Ivy platform; payments are triggered automatically.

Axon Ivy customers also improve the productivity of back-office operations.

Back office operations

Our customers also improve the productivity of back-office operations. GRC and regulatory requirements, marketing, human resources, and many other administrative processes are often overlooked when it comes to increasing work productivity. These functions often have policies and procedures memorialized in documents and spreadsheets.


We put these critical imperatives in motion, ensuring procedures are followed as prescribed, handling exceptions, and following up when they are not.

We grow with you: Axon Ivy’s scalable architecture and flexible license model allow you to expand from initial implementation to an enterprise-wide platform.
Let us crush the complexity of your projects together and improve the quality, reliability, speed, and cost of operations.

Why Axon Ivy?

Axon Ivy provides superior functionality compared to other less comprehensive platforms or to what can be achieved by custom software development.

Our customers

Our customers around the world rely on the technology and solutions from Axon Ivy.