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HCL/Lotus Notes Migration

There are good reasons to switch to Axon Ivy 

Who doesn't know them: the squares on the screen for email, collaboration, and workflow management based on HCL/Lotus Notes. But after more than 30 years on the market, the platform is now one of the technological dinosaurs and meets no longer the requirements of the modern, agile business world. Especially since support for the solution was discontinued, companies have been faced with the challenge of updating their IT infrastructure and moving to a modern platform.

Focus on your company

From outdated user interfaces to limited functionality – saying goodbye to HCL/Lotus Notes is inevitable. Switching to a modern alternative like Axon Ivy is a crucial step for organizations to become more efficient, secure, and competitive. The platform offers advanced automation of business processes and takes a sophisticated and efficient approach. No rigid technology, no fixed framework: The focus is on your company and your specific requirements. Axon Ivy enables comprehensive adaptation to existing and future needs and keeps pace with your development thanks to maximum scalability. This enables you to react quickly and easily to changing market and business conditions.

Why switch?

  • Seamless integration capabilities: Axon Ivy integrates seamlessly into your existing IT infrastructure and also offers easy connectivity to other systems and applications, including email clients such as Outlook, CRMs, ERPs, etc. This ensures seamless transitions and smooth processes, and new technologies can be integrated quickly and easily.
  • Comprehensive flexibility and availability: HCL/Lotus Notes uses a native desktop application, thereby tying users to the device on which the application is installed. In contrast, Axon Ivy is accessed via an intuitive, HTML5-based web app that runs in any browser and also on smartphones. This provides centralized access to applications, tasks, and workflows. For your employees this means comprehensive flexibility and availability for their daily work.
  • User-friendly interface: The HCL/Lotus Notes user interface is no longer up to date. Axon Ivy offers a modern, easy-to-use interface that is fully customizable according to roles and preferences. Maximum user-friendliness increases the productivity and satisfaction of your employees.
  • Improved collaboration: In addition to email, Axon Ivy offers excellent tools for collaboration and communication across departmental boundaries. This makes teamwork and task management much easier and is essential in today's dynamic working environments.
  • Maximum security: Legacy systems such as HCL/Lotus Notes are based on technologies with outdated security standards and their versions are no longer supported. Axon Ivy is based on current and up-to-date technology with the highest level of security. This means that your sensitive business data is fully protected at all times.
  • In-depth data analysis: Axon Ivy's advanced analytics and reporting capabilities provide insights that HCL/Lotus Notes cannot. This enables you to successfully drive business decisions.
  • High developer convenience: The Axon Ivy development environment enables your IT experts to implement even extensive and complex processes quickly and easily. At the same time, simple workflows can be automated with little programming knowledge thanks to low-code support. It's quick and easy to get your team up to speed, resulting in higher developer team productivity and faster application rollouts.

The change is worth it

There are plenty of reasons to switch from HCL/Lotus Notes to Axon Ivy as quickly as possible. And don't forget that thanks to automated processes and the resulting increase in efficiency, you will significantly reduce your overall IT costs compared to the maintenance and operation of older systems. You should therefore rely on an innovative platform with which you are always at the cutting edge of technology thanks to continuous further development. So that your company is always one step ahead with a robust and future-proof IT infrastructure behind it - for your competitiveness.