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Process Orchestration

Excellent coordination between man and system

How many processes are there in your accounting department? How many technologies are used in your Human Resources? And how many employees are involved in quality management processes? Surely the answer to these questions is always the same: Countless. How can you keep an overview? And more importantly, how can processes, technologies, and people be managed effectively and in a coordinated manner?

Not just process automation ...

The optimized and effective design of processes is the key to business success. The automation of processes is a fundamental necessity: according to an analyst study, more than 90% of all IT experts surveyed stated that the digital transformation can only be implemented by means of automated processes. However, in many cases, mere automation is not enough. The challenges are numerous:


  • multiple manual processes,
  • time-consuming processes that tie up resources,
  • process inconsistencies,
  • constantly changing processes with increasing complexity,
  • silo structures in IT,
  • outdated tools,
  • inadequate integrations,
  • incompatible systems,
  • increasing number of people involved.

If only individual tasks, process fragments or only processes within a system or team are automated, these obstacles can only be inadequately overcome. This is because most processes and tasks follow a complex logic and are not limited in terms of system or team. A lot of potential is lost due to disjointed automation and a lack of integration between different solutions. The automation of processes therefore only fulfills the duty. The task now is to master the elegance – and generate overarching benefits.

... but process orchestration!

This is achieved by means of process orchestration. It coordinates the various flexible components of a business process, such as devices, technologies and users. It also connects several processes with each other and ensures their coordinated control. Seamless integration of different systems and optimum adaptability to the company's specific requirements are crucial here. This enables the perfect synchronization of numerous processes across technological and departmental boundaries. An intelligent automation platform forms the ideal basis for successful orchestration.

A trusted orchestrator for your processes

Axon Ivy provides a comprehensive process orchestration platform specifically designed to meet the needs of modern businesses. Beyond automating and optimizing business processes, Axon Ivy enables you to connect different systems, applications and users, ensuring seamless integration of information and data. Axon Ivy adapts to your needs and, thanks to its high scalability, grows easily with your requirements and your company. You also benefit from the following advantages:


  • Accelerated processes: Axon Ivy not only enables the automation of recurring tasks, but goes beyond this. The platform coordinates these tasks across technology and departmental boundaries. This leads to an effective acceleration of processes, as not only local but also company-wide processes are seamlessly integrated. This saves time and resources.
  • Error reduction: Process orchestration with Axon Ivy minimizes human error by coordinating processes in a well thought-out manner. Error-prone manual steps are automated and brought into a logical sequence. This leads to greater accuracy and reliability of processes.
  • Flexibility and adaptability: In dynamic business environments, flexible processes are essential. With Axon Ivy, companies can react quickly to changes by adapting and reconfiguring processes. Through the flexible coordination of tasks and resources, agile and adaptable structures can be built to meet the ever-changing demands of the market.
  • Communication and collaboration: Effective process orchestration with Axon Ivy also promotes communication and collaboration within the company. By networking different processes and departments, information flows are optimized. This facilitates communication and collaboration within teams and across departmental and national boundaries.
  • Real-time monitoring: Thanks to Axon Ivy, continuous real-time monitoring of all processes is possible. This guarantees proactive control, ensures smooth execution and enables potential problems to be identified and rectified at an early stage.
  • Optimizing the use of resources: Efficient processes not only mean saving time, but also the optimal use of resources. Axon Ivy ensures that all steps of a process are effectively coordinated. Through the targeted allocation of resources, bottlenecks are avoided and companies can make optimum use of their capacities.

What are you waiting for: set the pace!

In view of today's market dynamics and the constant changes in technology and requirements, it is time to say goodbye to traditional, rigid business processes. What is needed is an agile and adaptable approach to processes and systems as a whole. The benefits of solutions like Axon Ivy for thoughtful process orchestration are clear: improved efficiency, seamless integration of systems, rapid adaptability and the ability to minimize bottlenecks. Set the pace for faster time-to-market, improved customer satisfaction and, ultimately, significant competitive advantage.