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Both business and society are constantly evolving. Companies are increasingly facing challenges that will keep them busy for years to come: Skills shortages, reliability of global supply chains, rising expectations on the part of customers, climate, and energy transition - to name just a few. The defense of the market position is achieved by anticipating changes and reacting appropriately to them. This is particularly true against the backdrop of the digital transformation.

«The benefits of intelligent business process automation are numerous and extend across various areas. The consistent and complete implementation enables companies to achieve their long-term strategies and goals as well as defend and expand their market position.»
Oliver Deutsch, Head of Sales and Partner Management, Axon Ivy AG

That is where Axon Ivy can help. Our solutions help you master increasing digital challenges, rising customer demands, and growing competitive pressure in highly competitive and rapidly changing markets. By digitizing, automating, and orchestrating your business processes, you benefit from the following advantages:

By using Axon Ivy, you can optimize business processes in your company from A to Z. In addition, the platform enables the automation of processes both in individual departments and across the entire company.

Use case 'Implementation of an invoice receipt process'.

Implementation of an invoice receipt process

Axon Ivy enables seamless integration of existing systems. For example, companies can integrate the existing document management system (DMS) into the platform and thus implement an end-to-end invoice receipt process.


Incoming invoices must be checked, assigned to an account, and paid. Processing incoming invoices is a complex process that must be handled in a legally compliant manner. Automating the process from invoice receipt to payment and archiving optimizes the process and makes it less error-prone and more efficient.

Use case 'identity and access management'.

Identity & Access Management

Enterprise-wide management of roles and rights at large companies is complex. With the use of Axon Ivy, it is possible to integrate all core systems seamlessly.


Implementing standardized and automated Identity & Access Management (IAM) processes ensures that legal and corporate requirements are met. This not only provides comprehensive data protection and minimizes corporate risk. It also strengthens and increases the trust of employees, customers, and external service providers.

Use case 'Ideation Management'.

Ideation Management

Companies use Axon Ivy to promote innovative minds with the help of a process for operational ideation management without media discontinuity. Axon Ivy provides a platform that ensures the end-to-end process: from submitting an idea or suggestion to evaluating the idea by a jury to implementing winning ideas.


The streamlined process encourages employees to come up with new ideas and makes it easier for them to contribute to the company's success with suggestions for improvement.

Success story 'Mettler Toledo'.

Worldwide 'Custom Solutions'

Axon Ivy enables companies to develop specific solutions ('Custom Solutions') for in-house customers. The scalability and low-code support of the platform means that simple processes and complex applications can be implemented quickly.


For example, the METTLER TOLEDO Group, the world's largest manufacturer of weighing systems, has implemented various solutions with different web technologies and workflows for individual business units over the course of time. The high flexibility of the software used is a decisive advantage here.

Whether you want to integrate standalone solutions into your networked end-to-end business processes or quickly build custom applications that set you apart from the competition: Axon Ivy helps you achieve operational excellence and deliver the best experience to your customers. In the process, the scalable architecture and flexible licensing model allows you to start with an initial implementation and grow the solution into an enterprise-wide platform.
Let us crush the complexity of your projects together and improve the quality, reliability, speed, and cost of operations.

Why Axon Ivy?

Axon Ivy combines extensive automation and digitization functions. This offers enormous added value compared to individual stand-alone solutions and other platforms available on the market.

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