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Axon Ivy
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Holistic Integration of Third-Party Systems

One of the main requirements for an efficient digitalization platform is the inclusion of standard connectors. Users can only work optimally if the orchestration of processes encompasses third-party systems.

Integration of third-party systems via web services Web services (REST/SOAP) to third-party systems
Axon Ivy Platform: Multipage RPA Integration Versatile RPA integration
Axon Ivy offers standard connectors Standard connectors for immediate usage
Axon Ivy: Toolbox for Hyperautomation Toolbox for hyperautomation

Connect systems intelligently using a low-code approach

Integration with external systems

Axon Ivy has a wide range of features that simplify integration with external systems. From CRM, ERP or SCM systems, self-contained applications to legacy systems, there are many different approaches to achieve complete process integration.

REST Connector

From the standard process element palette

Service call

Without programming effort using wizards

Standard connectors

Axon Ivy offers a rich set of standard connectors

REST Connector

From the standard process element palette

Service call

Without programming effort using wizards

Standard connectors

Axon Ivy offers a rich set of standard connectors

Five reasons to choose Axon Ivy

Process automation with a wow factor

Combine the speed and agility of a model-driven low-code development platform with the power to build enterprise-grade applications.

Process automation with the "WOW" factor
Axon Ivy platform: Outstanding developer comfort

On top of a state-of the-art integrated development environment, Axon Ivy comes with awesome development features and outstanding usability.

Outstanding ease-of-use for developers
Axon Ivy Platform: Open IT Architecture

Extremely scalable and future-proof architecture that can easily be extended with open standard technologies.

Open architecture
Axon Ivy Platform: Integration Third Party Systems

Integrate seamlessly with existing systems to read and write data. Benefit from an extensive set of out-of-the-box connectors.

Seamless integration
Axon Ivy Platform: Accelerated time to market

Optimized for fast implementation and efficient operation and maintenance. Speed up your projects with templates and extensive best practices. Citizen developers can build and run applications without writing a single line of code.

Accelerate time-to-market
Axon Ivy offers numerous standardized interfaces to web services and APIs including data mapping.

Web services (REST/SOAP) to third-party systems

Modern applications offer interfaces as web services. Axon Ivy allows you to integrate third-party systems via web services in no time and without any programming knowledge:

  • Low-code REST and SOAP web services without coding
  • Integration of external APIs and support of the OpenAPI specification
  • Automatic mapping and conversion of exchange formats (JSON to Java, XML to Java, etc.)
  • Powerful functionality for exception and error handling
  • Extensive standard APIs within the platform

Axon Ivy can also be available to other systems as a web service, providing you with maximum flexibility.

Robotic Process Automation supports integrated process execution even without suitable API functionalities.

Versatile RPA integration

Thanks to the simplified integration of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools, Axon Ivy can be used to implement processes holistically, even if APIs are missing:

  • Integration of RPA tools via own BPMN process elements
  • Standard connectors for connecting all leading RPA providers available (e.g. UiPath, Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere or Nividous)

Repeating manual tasks and sequences can be performed by the robot. Nevertheless, they can remain integrated in the higher-level business processes.

Numerous standard interfaces to CRM, ERP and SCM systems offer maximum convenience when implementing processes.

Standard connectors for immediate usage

The integration of CRM, ERP, and ECM systems is one of the most common use cases in the orchestration of business processes. Axon Ivy offers standard connectors for many of these systems:

  • Integration of ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, or other providers
  • Interfaces to technologies like blockchain, document generation, and digital signature
  • ESB interfaces for even more openness
  • Connection to IoT and Cloud Service Provider (Azure, AWS, Google Cloud)

Naturally, Axon Ivy supports Single Sign-On (SSO) and can be integrated into existing authentication systems using KeyCloak, LDAP or OAuth.

Axon Ivy supports hyperautomation by combining RPA, AI, ML and process mining with processes.

Toolbox for hyperautomation

Axon Ivy is the ideal toolbox to enable model-driven process automation in all its forms (modeling, analysis, creation, execution and monitoring):

  • Integration of process mining and discovery solutions
  • Support low-code methods for fast implementation
  • Separation of process and business logic using Business Rule Engines (BRE)
  • Process orchestration for a holistic business process management

Analysts speak of hyperautomation when systems combine RPA, AI, ML and process mining. Hyperautomation is easy to achieve when companies make full use of Axon Ivy.

Process automation at a glance