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Axon Ivy
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Support of Modern Runtime Platforms

Axon Ivy has a modern and scalable runtime environment that can be seamlessly integrated in both on-premise and cloud scenarios.

Cutting-edge web/cloud architecture Cutting-edge web/cloud architecture
High performance and scalability High performance and scalability
Deployment with DevOps approach Deployment with DevOps approach
Server monitoring and dashboard Server monitoring and dashboard

A runtime environment always
the state-of-the-art

The foundation for successful process automation

Successful digital transformation requires an open and state-of-the-art high-performance runtime environment. It should provide optimal scalability, reliability and security. Axon Ivy guarantees this through the consistent use of industry standards, modern software architecture and an "all-round carefree package" with regard to updates of the underlying technologies.

Running Docker instances

Overview of the installed container systems

New system in one minute

An Axon Ivy engine is available in no time

Real-time statistics

Immediate overview of the system properties of the containers

Running Docker instances

Overview of the installed container systems

New system in one minute

An Axon Ivy engine is available in no time

Real-time statistics

Immediate overview of the system properties of the containers

Five reasons to choose Axon Ivy

Process automation with the

Combine the speed and agility of a model-driven low-code development platform with the power to build enterprise-grade applications.

Process automation with the "WOW" factor
Outstanding ease-of-use for developers

On top of a state-of the-art integrated development environment, Axon Ivy comes with awesome development features and outstanding usability.

Outstanding ease-of-use for developers
Open architecture

Extremely scalable and future-proof architecture that can easily be extended with open standard technologies.

Open architecture
Seamless integration

Integrate seamlessly with existing systems to read and write data. Benefit from an extensive set of out-of-the-box connectors.

Seamless integration
Accelerate time-to-market

Optimized for fast implementation and efficient operation and maintenance. Speed up your projects with templates and extensive best practices. Citizen developers can build and run applications without writing a single line of code.

Accelerate time-to-market
As a modern platform provider, Axon Ivy provides support for both on-premise and cloud operations.

Cutting-edge web/cloud architecture

Axon Ivy is based on current industry standards and integrates seamlessly into any existing IT infrastructure. It can be operated both on-premise and via the cloud:

  • Virtualized server environments
  • Container infrastructure like Docker, Kubernetes and OpenShift
  • Completely Java-based and suitable for all operating systems (Windows, Linux, etc.)
  • Seamless integration of Identity Access Management (IAM)
Axon Ivy offers scalability and outstanding performance.

High performance and scalability

In process automation, the scalability of the platform is critical. Starting small and expanding over time is a best practice and can be integrated smoothly into existing company processes:

  • Support of multi-server and multi-app scenarios (such as multi-client capability)
  • Clustering and load balancing for reliability and performance
  • Isolated container environments

The battle-tested platform has proven it can securely and reliably handle many simultaneously acting users and large amounts of data in multiple implementations.

The process automation platform is based on the DevOps approach and guarantees a professional software delivery.

Deployment with DevOps approach

Axon Ivy supports a modern and professional software delivery process. Seamless cooperation between the development, operation and quality assurance departments is easy to achieve:

  • Continuous Integration (CI) for continuous operation
  • Continuous Delivery (CD) including automated testing
  • Process model versioning for true parallel operation
  • Build management with Apache Maven and Jenkins

In addition, the integrated CMS (Content Management System) enables the management and use of multilingual content.

Axon Ivy enables smooth and safe operation of process applications thanks to continuous monitoring.

Server monitoring and dashboard

The runtime environment of Axon Ivy is automatically and continuously monitored. The Engine Cockpit provides all functions to ensure smooth and secure operation of the process application at all times:

  • Real-time monitoring of applications, processes and users
  • Simple configuration to adapt the system at runtime
  • Dashboard with current information on open sessions, number of users and running tasks
  • External interface to other monitoring tools via JMX standard

Process automation at a glance