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Mobile Quality Check with Axon Ivy

The world is becoming more and more mobile - companies have to be ahead of the times to keep up. For quality management, this means: No more paper forms and Excel tables - mobile solutions based on tailor-made digital processes are required to ensure quality, security, and customer satisfaction. Eliminating manual processes and media disruptions saves time, minimizes costs and reduces errors.

Automated processes for greater quality, compliance, and efficiency

Efficient quality management is an essential necessity for companies, regardless of their industry. Regular internal and external audits and controls guarantee that the services of hotels, municipalities, building management and security services meet the set standards. With Axon Ivy you can digitize and automate your quality processes efficiently and according to your needs. You implement your requirements either using low code or programmatically, depending on the scope and complexity of the process.

Complete integration and seamless collaboration

The platform can be seamlessly integrated into the existing IT infrastructure and, thanks to its open architecture, enables the connection of external systems and new technologies. Information and data are provided in high quality in real time and are available to everyone involved at any time. This improves collaboration within the team, between departments and with customers, partners and suppliers. The automated processes guarantee compliance with industry-specific regulations and standards, as all relevant parameters are precisely monitored and documented at all times.


Mobile Quality Check App: As mobile as you are

With Axon Ivy, quality checks are carried out via a mobile application, the Mobile Quality Check App. This is based on the process structure tailored to your company and can be adapted to your specific subject and industry. Access to the corresponding checklists and tasks is possible regardless of location and time via a mobile device. The service employees do not need the Internet for this, as the application is also accessible offline. The data is updated after a renewed web connection.


The app triggers the steps of the quality management process, which are derived from the results of the check. Further tasks such as problem or damage repair are distributed automatically according to defined responsibilities and their completion is tracked. The recording and documentation of all information as well as the creation and sending of associated audit reports and invoices can also be done automatically.



Vehicle damage can be precisely localized using the Mobile Quality App.

Diverse application scenarios

Regardless of your industry or company area, you can design quality management processes more efficiently, error-free and customer-friendly with the help of Axon Ivy. Get to know a variety of application scenarios in other companies:


Facility Management

Hotels and service companies rely on Axon Ivy for cleaning, inspection and maintenance work:


  • Service staff access the application via a mobile device.
  • With the help of digital checklists, activities are documented directly on site.
  • Damage can be recorded via the device camera and provided with a location thanks to GPS.
  • The information is forwarded to the back office for further processing if manual, human steps and/or decisions are subsequently required.
  • All steps including troubleshooting are logged in the application and reporting is automated.
  • By connecting the app to external systems, e.g. ERP, a test report and/or invoice can be automatically created and sent to the customer.

The result is orders processed quickly and transparently, accurate reports and comprehensive access to all important information and evaluations by those responsible. This not only saves time and resources, but also ensures high quality.


Mobile vehicle inspection

The Mobile Quality Check app makes it possible to carry out vehicle inspections in real time and to plan and carry out maintenance work quickly and easily:


  • Inspectors quickly and precisely collect data about the condition of vehicles using mobile devices.
  • Checklists in the app take into account paint and bodywork as well as important technical components such as engine, brakes and lighting.
  • Data is seamlessly integrated into existing databases or systems.
  • Reports are created automatically for a comprehensive overview of the condition of the vehicles.
  • Real-time data provision and access, including in the back office, enable informed decision-making.

This makes effective management of fleet data child's play, while ensuring the highest quality and security standards.


Food safety

Axon Ivy's solution for quality processes ensures the quality safety of food. The automated quality check follows the “Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points” (HACCP) concept for the production and handling of food:


  • The automated quality check is based on the principles for the safe consumption of food.
  • The necessary steps to carry out a risk analysis are carried out automatically.
  • Critical control points and limit values are stored in the process.
  • Monitoring procedures and the development of corrective measures are initiated automatically.
  • The system records all data and documents the entire process seamlessly.

Food producers benefit extensively from the digital quality check process with Axon Ivy: They can avoid potential dangers in the food production process and ensure the quality of the products.

axonivy-blog-mobile-quality-checkDigital quality controls guarantee food safety


Mobile quality controls: Services at the highest level

With Axon Ivy you can carry out quality controls quickly, efficiently and error-free. This ensures services and performance at the highest level and significantly increases both user and customer satisfaction. The resulting positive effects on your overall reputation are directly linked to the future competitiveness and success of your company.