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AXON Ivy launches Axon.ivy Digital Business Platform Version 8.0

Lucerne, Switzerland

The new version of the Axon.ivy Digital Business Platform impresses with a complete renewal

AXON Ivy, a leading provider of digital process automation software that allows complete end-to-end business process orchestration, today launched the Axon.ivy Digital Business Platform Version 8.0.


There was no stone unturned. After 4 Leading Edge versions and two years of Swiss precision engineering and development effort, AXON Ivy proudly announces the release of version 8.0 of its award-winning digital process automation software “Axon.ivy Digital Business Platform”.

The platform has never been as modern and as easy to use. The absolute highlights in version 8.0 are the container based “Docker” environment, the enhanced Engine Cockpit for administrators and the completely reworked and face-lifted Axon.ivy Portal. Brand new is also the Axon.ivy Market.

Check out the official release page to get all new features and improvements. Do you want to get more details? Then don’t miss the New & Noteworthy page and Release Notes.


What does the new version offer you?


  • Fast and easy process centric app development
  • Modern runtime platform support such as docker
  • Fully flexible design environment (Windows, Linux, Mac)
  • No-code support by Axon.ivy Express
  • Low-code support by Axon.ivy Designer
  • Designed to be agile, fast and cost-efficient
  • Reuse of processes or process snippets
  • Complete unstructured process automation support
  • Easiest integration of systems (ERP, IoT, RPA and many more)

Do you want to get your free 30 days trial version up and running in less than 5 minutes? Nothing easier than that by using the AXON Ivy Cloud Services.