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Axon Ivy
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Process Apps in a connected world

Axon Ivy is proud to announce that version 9.2 of it's award-winning digital process automation platform is released.


Process automation has never been easier. Accelerate time-to-market using connectors from the newly created Axon Ivy Market


Did you know that every company, regardless of its size, uses at least eight different systems? When automating business processes, these systems must be able to communicate seamlessly with each other to ensure that there are no media breaks. The integration of a company’s IT infrastructure with business processes poses significant challenges. Experience shows using traditional software development methods can result in high costs during a digital transformation project's implementation.


Fortunately, renowned manufacturers such as SAP, Microsoft, Salesforce, and UiPath offer some built-in technology to ease this integration problem. Most of these platforms support interface standards such as OData, REST, or OpenAPI to integrate their solutions with other systems.


The advantage of such standards is clear. The effort to integrate individual systems is always technically the same. Highly repetitive work steps are manually created. As a result, implementing the required integrations for each project from scratch is resource-intensive and costly. In addition, specialized technical knowledge is generally required by the IT department or even by the manufacturer, which means integrating enterprise systems can lead to project delays and additional costs.


This is exactly the problem Axon Ivy solves using an innovative approach in version 9.2. In the newly-created "Axon Ivy Market," numerous connectors to enterprise systems are available. These connectors can be integrated into an existing project with little to no effort.


In contrast to solutions from other providers, the connectors in the "Axon Ivy Market" do not just consist of a process element. They also provide a ready-made template with all the necessary settings and often include a relevant example that can easily be replicated.

See for yourself

Get to know the compelling advantages of the "Axon Ivy Market" and be inspired by the valuable new features. Download the latest Axon Ivy Designer and start your process automation journey today.