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Read exciting stories about digitalization and discover the latest trends.

Latest posts

11 min read
by Judith Riegel

Orchestration of business processes

In today's business world, companies are increasingly confronted with growing complexity in their IT structures and business requirements. To meet...

11 min read
by Judith Riegel

One-stop HR portal: Perfect coordination across borders

All tasks perfectly organized. All information in one place and status updates in real time. Uncomplicated communication and collaboration with...

4 min read
by Judith Riegel

Edge Computing - where every second counts

Let us glance into the future: Imagine an autonomous vehicle driving along the road. Suddenly, as if from nowhere, a pedestrian steps onto the road....

3 min read
by Judith Riegel

Christmas shopping may come

Electronic cash register systems have become an indispensable part of the retail industry. They provide an overview, accelerate processes and often...

7 min read
by Judith Riegel

The customer as a pacesetter in digital transformation

The automation and optimization of business processes - as required by the paradigm shift in the face of digitalization - is already being...

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