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Smart employee onboarding: Welcome on board 2.0

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Oliver Deutsch
by Oliver Deutsch

In today's business world, companies must react quickly and integrate new employees rapidly into the day-to-day operations in order to maintain a consistently high work level. Often, however, there is a lack of a clearly comprehensible structure, so that improvisation and ad hoc solutions impair the introduction process right from the start. In addition, different departments and responsibilities can get in each other's way, which annoys existing employees and unsettles new employees.


Clear procedures instead of improvisation

The smart employee onboarding by AXON Ivy provides companies with tools to structure the employee on-boarding process in advance and make their start as easy as possible. With the help of the onboarding process, managers can easily prepare the introduction of new employees in order to accompany them during their first steps in the company. For example, all relevant departments can be involved in the introduction process. The onboarding application documents which tasks have already been completed and which still need to be completed. Depending on the role and position, the onboarding process covers all topics from the authorization card to the company car.

This saves time, minimizes inefficiency in communication and thus reduces the overall costs of the hiring process. In addition, successful onboarding increases employee satisfaction and thus the likelihood that they will remain loyal to the employer for longer. This in turn saves companies costly new hiring processes.


The Swiss army knife among the digital process automation platforms

The employee onboarding process is a template of the Axon.ivy Digital Business Platform. It can be seamlessly integrated into existing IT systems and makes operational processes more efficient. In addition, it combines high data security with clear and easily controllable access rights and the possibility to design the application according to individual requirements.

AXON Ivy Tip

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