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Axon Ivy
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Read exciting stories about digitalization and discover the latest trends.

3 min read
by Rolf Gebhard Stephan

Three ways to a digital company

Digital transformation promises to make corporate processes more straightforward and efficient. There are many ways to achieve this. Finding the best...

1 min read
by Pascal Gerber

Democratization of Expertise – Knowledge becomes common property

Democratization of Expertise means that access to tools and systems, which are normally for IT experts is also open to laypersons.

1 min read
by Judith Riegel

Edge Computing - where every second counts

Let us glance into the future: Imagine an autonomous vehicle driving along the road. Suddenly, as if from nowhere, a pedestrian steps onto the road....

1 min read
by Dr. Boris Ricken

Digitalization: Strategic approach creates added value

Times change, and this year, companies can tell you a thing or two about it. The coronavirus has made it clear that digitalization is a decisive...