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Read exciting stories about digitalization and discover the latest trends.

2 min read
by Andreas Balsiger

Business Orchestration & Automation Technologies: Riding every wave with BOAT

Higher, faster, further - new technologies are developing at breakneck speed, business requirements are increasing at an unprecedented rate: in order...

4 min read
by Judith Riegel

Orchestration of business processes

In today's business world, companies are increasingly confronted with growing complexity in their IT structures and business requirements. To meet...

4 min read
by Judith Riegel

One-stop HR portal: Perfect coordination across borders

All tasks perfectly organized. All information in one place and status updates in real time. Uncomplicated communication and collaboration with...

2 min read
by Oliver Deutsch

HR redefined: Successful Europe-wide transformation at Ricoh

Ricoh Europe is successfully driving the change in HR. The company has enhanced its HR operations using the Axon Ivy Platform. By unifying diverse...