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Andreas Balsiger
by Andreas Balsiger

Room cleaning and building maintenance are a central cost item in the operation of a hotel. From the foyer to the bed - everything should be perfect for guests, without exceeding time and cost limits. To achieve this, the available capacities must be used in the best possible way. The key to this is the digitalization of administrative processes in cleaning management and building administration. Digital assistants are therefore indispensable to continue to be successful on the market in the future.


Cleanliness comes first

Different from the own four walls, during the hotel cleaning, it is not possible to start cleaning and see how far one gets. On the contrary: the cleaning of all rooms and surfaces must be planned exactly. The cleaning staff must know which surfaces are cleaned at what time by which person and in which way. In the hospitality sector, cleanliness plays a decisive role and is a special cornerstone of every hotel business.


Mobile-Quality-Check App

This is where AXON Ivy's Mobile Quality Check App can help and bring room cleaning and building management into the digital age. It provides all necessary information to quickly complete the tasks at hand. In addition, the facility manager or the housekeeper can check off completed tasks and, if necessary, note whether there were any problems somewhere and whether there is a need for improvement or modification. If, for example, a room lamp no longer works, this can be recorded directly. These surveys can then be sent directly to the back office without additional paper logs, as the app can be seamlessly integrated into existing IT systems. The result is fast and transparent processing of orders, accurate reports and a management and back office that has access to important evaluations at all times.


Use of native functions of a mobile device

The app offers the possibility to connect to a dispatching tool. Thus, the daily schedule is created automatically and the coordination effort is minimized. Thanks to the mobile use, functions such as camera, GPS, maps etc. can be called up during process execution. For example, photos of damages can be taken and directly forwarded for processing with their location. By digitalizing these processes, efficiency and customer satisfaction are increased and the error rate is reduced.

AXON Ivy Tip

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