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Use Case

Streamlining waste management & logistics

End-to-end waste management and disposal process with AXON Ivy.

At a glance

A waste management company used the Axon.ivy Digital Business Platform to digitize and simplify the entire waste disposal process. From collection, to transportation and disposal, the regulated process is streamlined and monitored through a continuous process.

Facts and figures


  • Complete documentation of the waste management process for over 2 million tons of waste per year
  • Processing of official transportation permits for more than 350 vehicles per day
  • Accurate categorization of transportation and related processes


  • Improved efficiency, quality, and compliance with all applicable standards
  • Seamless communication with authorities and processing of legal documentation with digital signature component
  • Intricate documents with barcodes generated through dynamic templates and layouts
  • Support for complex organizational structures and processes

Resulting Solution

  • Unified application for the waste management process at the frontend and backend
  • End-to-end digitization from order to automatic invoicing
  • IoT integration for heavy-duty scales used to weigh waste trucks ingress and egress

Why AXON Ivy?

  • Proven experience in agile development of comprehensive applications
  • Scalable Digital Business Platform with 24/7 support
  • Adaptive processes for rapid implementation of new requirements
  • Automated regression testing using Selenium and Junit

A topic for you as well?

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