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Axon Ivy
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Use Case

Streamlining identity & access management

Ensuring compliance and minimizing risks with AXON Ivy.

At a glance

Standardized processes ensure compliance with requirements in authorization management. Implementing Identity & Access Management (IAM) processes helps meet group requirements and minimizes corporate risk.

Facts and figures


  • Compliance with statutory regulations for the documentation of the authorization process
  • Standardization and automation of authorization management processes (e.g. employee entry, exit, transfer and access rights)
  • Transfer of existing roles and transactions to new systems


  • Complete standard-based authorization management (including need-to-know standard)
  • Systems ensures separation of functions through independent and regular verification (segregation of duties)
  • Unified master data management
  • Verification of all relevant IT permissions (e.g. re-certification according to minimum requires for risk management)

Our Solution

  • Integrated solution to control and automate access to relevant applications, mission-critical data, and protected areas, including system-level authorization

Why AXON Ivy?

  • State-of-the-art technology and fully automated system-level authorization
  • Flexible framework to connect to 3rd party systems (commercial and home-grown)
  • Overall responsibility for the project with continuous agile development

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