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Axon Ivy
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Use Case

Smart employee onboarding

Creating a good first impression with Axon Ivy.

At a glance

The onboarding process was a first opportunity for digital transformation for the HR organization, giving the company an opportunity to make a great first impression for new hires. Using Axon Ivy, the company not only streamlined the onboarding process for HR and hiring managers, but also gave new hires a fresh, positive experience.

Facts and figures


  • High cost of handling surveys during the onboarding process
  • High administrative burden and email-heavy processes
  • Lack of clear responsibilities


  • Participation of all relevant departments in the process, based on the role of the new employee
  • Employee turnover decreased by a factor of 3 for new employees in the first year
  • Cost savings driven by faster productivity for new employees
  • Clear and documented distribution and monitoring of tasks and status

Our Solution

  • An intuitive workflow guides HR and legal managers through the entire onboarding process
  • Permissions, equipment and other necessary arrangements for new employees are requested in a structured manner and approved as necessary

Why Axon Ivy?

  • High data security for personnel data
  • Agile development and seamless integration into existing system
  • Fast deployment despite many custom requirements

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