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Axon Ivy
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Use Case

Case Management Framework

Reliable investment requests

At a glance

Companies in the building materials industry use Axon Ivy as the basis for a case management framework for investment requests. The result: robust, efficient, and high-quality processes that enable successful collaboration across locations. Investment projects run quickly and reliably.

Facts and figures

Challenges in a project.


  • Cooperation of over 19 country subsidiaries
  • System boundaries due to different ERP systems
  • Increased communication and coordination effort due to Group investment guideline
  • Lack of transparency regarding processes and pending tasks
Highlights of a project.


  • Integration of all 62 locations
  • Acceleration of approval procedures by 50 %
  • 100 % complete and audit-proof documentation
  • Transparency of all planned and ongoing investments
Solution to a customer requirement.

Solution with Axon Ivy

  • Group-wide case management framework for planning and approving investments
  • Central information portal for investments at Group and country level
  • Investments are presented on an accrual basis and broken down by type
  • Decentralized integration of all responsible parties
  • Reminders are sent automatically via e-mail
Why choose Axon Ivy for your project?

Reasons for Axon Ivy

  • Ensuring processes without media discontinuity for investment applications
  • Ensuring a complete overview of investment projects by type and amount
  • Integration of the solution into the existing IT infrastructure
  • Seamless integration of third-party systems such as ERP
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