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HR redefined: With digital services into the future


Goal: Satisfied employees, attractive employer

International companies must digitally transform their HR departments in order to remain competitive and future-proof. Digital tools and smooth, time-saving processes are fundamental to operational efficiency, compliance, employee satisfaction, and employer attractiveness. However, inconsistent workflows, outdated systems, and time-consuming, resource-tying processes slow down development. Ricoh Europe has risen to the challenges and, together with Axon Ivy, is preparing its HR department for the future.


The needs of employees in the world of work have changed fundamentally in recent years. They expect a workplace that provides modern technologies and optimally supports digital collaboration. The market also demands a high degree of flexibility and adaptability from companies. The requirements regarding personnel and IT are changing rapidly, and rules and regulations are becoming increasingly complex. Anyone who reacts too slowly will fall by the wayside.

Redefine HR

But there is a lot of catching up to do when it comes to digitalization and process automation in the HR department. Paper and Excel are still used in many cases, coordination takes up a lot of time, and response times are high. It is important to drive forward the digital transformation in the HR area and implement intelligent solutions. Automation platforms make an important contribution to this. These help to establish lean, digital processes company-wide. You coordinate and combine existing IT systems and users, minimize manual steps, and enable service-oriented and efficient work. This promotes both employee satisfaction and a productive working environment.


“The use of an automation platform also increases flexibility and mobility. It offers the opportunity to carry out digital processes from anywhere and guarantees that tasks are completed regardless of location. This is very important for employees to be able to work efficiently remotely and in the home office,” says Oliver Deutsch, Director Sales & Marketing, Axon Ivy AG. He sees further advantages with regard to collaboration and communication: “Digital processes make communication within the company much easier. This promotes internal collaboration and minimizes misunderstandings.”

Ricoh Europe: Europe-wide digital HR services

Ricoh Europe has recognized the need and is driving the transformation of its HR department across Europe. Based on the Axon Ivy platform, the company implements standardized, automated processes and now provides its employees with a central contact point, a so-called “one-stop shop”, for all HR-relevant processes. “Our employees not only benefit from the fact that they can now find all services in a user-friendly, easy-to-use portal. With Axon Ivy, we also simplify and optimize cross-country and cross-departmental communication and collaboration,” explains Askaniusz Sawicki, Head of People Services & HR Transformation, Ricoh Europe.

Satisfied employees, reduced expenses

In times of staff shortages and the ever-increasing “war for talent,” companies must give HR top priority as part of their digitalization strategy. Smooth HR workflows, more efficient work, and uncomplicated interaction with colleagues not only reduce time and costs. Thanks to them, it is also possible to retain employees in the long term and to position the company as an attractive employer in the market.

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