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Axon Ivy
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Use Case

On-site, mobile quality control with AXON Ivy

Facility management – service & maintenance activities.

At a glance

The on-site «Mobile Quality Check» is a process that improves on-site maintenance, inspection and service work for customers. This replaces a complex, manual, error-prone process that involved Excel spreadsheets, massive volume of emails, and a chaos of paper documents.

Facts and figures


  • Manual process results in high costs and high error-rate
  • Constant inefficiencies from many paper forms and Excel files
  • No clear communication or standardized process


  • Automation of the audit report as well as the dispatch of invoices
  • Reporting & Monitoring
  • Integration with ERP for tracking materials, costs and expenses
  • Flexible, adaptable digital forms
  • Upstream scheduling and automatic creation of daily calendars

Our Solution

  • Complete digitization of service and maintenance work at the job site and the home office
  • Built-in feedback loop for better front-office and back-office collaboration
  • Digital document management
  • Mobile smartphone app for use on-the-job

Why AXON Ivy?

  • Online and offline mobile application
  • Geodata integration
  • Agile Low Code Development
  • Customer references

A topic for you as well?

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