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Axon Ivy application support.

Forward-thinking application development.

Axon Ivy offers companies the option to develop dedicated applications according to specific requirements, thus allowing them to address special demands and individual requests. As a result, in-house developments can be integrated seamlessly, the adherence to specific compliance obligations ensured and increased performance requirements taken into account.


Optimal support for applications

Axon Ivy can take on maintenance, consultation and development as needed while the applications are running. Application support from Axon Ivy is aimed at:


  • Customers who have developed applications themselves based on Axon Ivy
  • Customers for whom Axon Ivy has developed tailored applications according to special requirements.


Uncomplicated problem solving combined with innovation

Our customers receive long-term, comprehensive support services that ensure maximum availability, smooth and interruption-free operation and the continuous further development of applications.


On one hand, this includes reactive support, where the team addresses technical problems and can be contacted easily by operators at our customers in line with their agreed SLAs. On the other hand, we also offer proactive services where we take care of the introduction of new functions, check software security and optimize performance.


What Axon Ivy application support has to offer

  • Single point of contact
  • Availability during time frames agreed with the customer
  • Faster troubleshooting in the event of critical malfunctions
  • Monitoring of inquiries that have been recorded and documented in the ticketing system
  • Regular meetings
  • Monthly reporting of all completed activities
  • Tooling as a basis for information and communication
  • Provision and retention of the required expertise


Place your trust in experienced IT specialists

Application support from Axon Ivy means you can completely rely on our experienced IT specialists. This means IT costs can be planned better and fewer internal resources used, and you are then also free to focus your attention entirely on your core business.