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Axon Ivy
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Use Case

Implementation of an invoice receipt process

Integration of the existing DocuWare DMS into the Axon Ivy platform.

At a glance

Incoming invoices must be checked, assigned to an account, and paid. Processing incoming invoices is a complex process that must be handled in a legally compliant manner. Automating the process from invoice receipt to payment and archiving optimizes the process and makesnot only less error-prone, but also more efficient. 

Facts and figures

Challenges in a project.


  • Implementation of an invoice receipt process
  • Integration of DocuWare's DMS with the Axon Ivy platform
  • Legally compliant handling of the payment process
  • Factual, formal, and mathematical invoice checks
  • Automated export of invoice information for accounting software
Highlights of a project.


  • Seamless integration of the DocuWare environment into the Axon Ivy process
  • Cyclic monitoring of the DocuWare system
  • No duplicate data storage due to consistent use of references to DocuWare documents
  • Use of DocuWare web controls for document display; appearance for the user identical to DocuWare portal
Solution to a customer requirement.

Our Solution

  • Implementation of the solution on Axon Ivy and use of the Axon Ivy portal
  • Integration of the DocuWare system in the backend
  • Integration of the DocuWare system in the frontend
  • Single sign-on via Active Directory integration and data storage in external Microsoft SQL database
Why choose Axon Ivy for your project?

Reasons for Axon Ivy

  • High data security for sensitive invoice data
  • Seamless integration into existing system landscape
  • Easy connection of third party systems via existing interfaces
  • Adaptation of the user interface to existing appearance
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