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Axon Ivy
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Use Case

Process excellence for HR

HR redefined

At a glance

Ricoh Europe has enhanced its HR operations using the Axon Ivy Platform. By unifying diverse and disjointed processes, Ricoh not only elevates employee satisfaction but also fosters a more productive work atmosphere.

Facts and figures

Challenges in a project.


  • Tech and HR system complications
  • Many different teams and systems across Europe
  • High volume of repetitive tasks & non-standard processes
  • Lack of central repository for policies, documents, and forms​
Highlights of a project.


  • "One-stop-shop" as a central contact point for the entire workforce
  • Unified HR processes with flexibility for national and local requirements
  • Full integration with existing and new systems
  • Solution which is ready for the future demands and future requirements
Solution to a customer requirement.

Solution with Axon Ivy

  • Simplification, automation, and integration and of all HR processes
  • Axon Ivy platform as central orchestration layer for all HR processes
  • Easy-to-use portal with high level of user-friendliness
  • Self-service options for all employees to increase efficiency
Why choose Axon Ivy for your project?

Reasons for Axon Ivy

  • Providing an MVP to quickly generate initial results
  • Individual, flexible and demand-oriented implementation of requirements
  • Users can adapt processes and functions without special programming needs
  • Future-proof solution with high scalability
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