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Axon Ivy
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Use Case

Approval process

for the launch of new products

At a glance

The Axon Ivy platform is the central hub for the new product launch process – from analysis and testing to approval. New business tasks added during the process are dynamically integrated into the process. Approvals can be given via mobile devices.

Facts and figures

Challenges in a project.


  • Complete replacement of the previous written correspondence with a digital process
  • Integration of new business tasks from different departments into the ongoing implementation process
  • Flexible customization options for departments and rankings
Highlights of a project.


  • Proper process monitoring and automated escalations of overdue tasks
  • Task confirmation and approval via email from a mobile device
  • Improved transparency throughout the process
Solution to a customer requirement.

Solution with Axon Ivy

  • End-to-end process from analysis of a new product to approval
  • Parallel creation and dynamic customization of multiple business tasks
  • Increased flexibility due to numerous configuration options of the collaborating departments
Why choose Axon Ivy for your project?

Reasons for Axon Ivy

  • Process without media discontinuity
  • Seamless integration of the solution into the existing IT infrastructure
  • Complete documentation of all analysis steps
  • Improvement of data quality
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