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Axon Ivy
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Axon Ivy 10:
Technologies, systems, and people perfectly aligned

We'd like you to discover the new features & functions of Axon Ivy version 10 based on a specific use case.

Digitization and process automation are more than just trends. It is only possible to imagine innovative companies with them. They are changing our everyday working lives and the way we work. Process automation platforms play a crucial role in this. By using them, companies benefit from lean and agile processes, reduced costs, more efficiency in daily work, and improved communication and collaboration within the organization.


The tenth generation of the Axon Ivy platform lays the foundation for intelligent process automation in companies and delivers fundamental innovations. It connects technologies, systems, and people and aligns them perfectly.


Discover the new features and functions of Axon Ivy version 10 in our webinar:


  • New process editor
  • Marketplace for interfaces
  • Fully cloud-enabled, customizable dashboard
  • Intuitive user interface
  • MS Teams integration

Based on a specific use case, we will show you how to develop applications on the low-code platform in an agile and lightweight way and how you can benefit from out-of-the-box building blocks and a user-friendly, modern web portal.


About the use case

Digitization and automation in the public sector optimize processes, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. For citizens, digital administrative offerings and services make everyday life easier.


For example, Axon Ivy can be a central automation platform for residents' parking permit applications. Among other things, the platform automates the identification of the applicant, the verification of authorization, and the assignment of the parking area. It orchestrates technologies, tasks, and functions. This way brings together all the relevant information and IT systems. Until the parking permit is sent by mail, the process is free of media discontinuity. It can be viewed and processed by the applicant and processor at any time, even via mobile devices.



Thomas Zehetner, Head of Presales, Axon Ivy AG