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Axon Ivy
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Use Case

Product development of building materials

Automated process ensures transparency.

At a glance

Companies in the building materials industry automate the product development process with Axon Ivy. Now, the release, development and market launch of new building materials will take place under clear specifications and in a standardized manner via the platform. An end-to-end process ensures that all stakeholders are involved in a well-timed manner.

Facts and figures

Challenges in a project.


  • Inconsistent processes within the Group and the affiliated companies
  • Unclear and not entirely transparent decision-making paths and release guidelines
  • Delays due to time-consuming steps and processes
Highlights of a project.


  • Ensuring of all compliance requirements already in the development phase
  • Clear definition of steps, responsibilities and decision paths
  • Definition of all functions and roles in the go-to-market process
  • Ensuring correct handovers
  • Prompt information of all process participants
Solution to a customer requirement.

Solution with Axon Ivy

  • Continuous process without media incontinuity, controlled by the platform
  • Integration with third-party systems guarantees a consistent process
  • Interaction with and addition of further policies within the group
Why choose Axon Ivy for your project?

Reason for Axon Ivy

  • Use of Axon Ivy as the central hub for the entire process
  • Seamless integration of the solution into the existing IT infrastructure
  • Complete documentation of all steps upon release, development and market launch
  • Improvement of data quality
Product development process - a topic for you as well?

A topic for you as well?

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