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Axon Ivy
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Smart orchestration redefines the world of work


Axon Ivy: New standards in terms of efficiency and productivity

In the digital era, innovative technologies play a decisive role in shaping the world of work. But often "more" is not always "better". Unconnected IT systems and insufficiently integrated tools and systems only generate limited added value. The key lies in the synchronized combination and coordination of digital solutions and innovations such as artificial intelligence (AI). By orchestrating in this way, companies can fully exploit the benefits and increase efficiency and productivity.


When using digital solutions, companies face the challenge of not operating them in isolation. The various technologies and systems must be optimally integrated into the existing IT environment and their interaction coordinated and controlled. This is the only way to seamlessly execute processes and complex tasks, collaborate efficiently and create a productive working environment.


Industry analysts see the orchestration of business processes as a decisive approach to increasing the productivity and agility of companies. Intelligent automation platforms that ensure the control and coordination of technologies, processes and users are important here. The result: efficient management of resources, increased overall performance and smooth operations.

Axon Ivy: Recognized by analysts

According to the Forrester Wave™ report "Digital Process Automation Software, Q4 2023", Axon Ivy's automation platform is characterized by its ability to orchestrate business processes end-to-end, in addition to its outstanding functionalities. The platform ensures the optimal interaction of different technologies and enables their seamless integration into the existing IT. This ensures that processes run smoothly in companies. It thus supports companies in their digital transformation, sets a new standard for the design of the working world and makes company divisions fit for the future.


"We are convinced that the future of work requires the intelligent orchestration of technologies in order to exploit the full potential of digitalization and process automation. As a leading player in this field, Axon Ivy is proud to be a driving force in shaping this new world of work. Our approach offers our customers a comprehensive solution that is not only efficient, but also sustainable in terms of costs and resources. ", says Rolf G. Stephan, CEO, of Axon Ivy.

Example: Orchestration of HR processes

Ricoh, a leading provider of integrated digital workspace services and print solutions, has recognized the signs of the times and is relying on Axon Ivy to automate and orchestrate its HR processes as part of a Europe-wide project. The company is using the platform to synchronize the heterogeneous, fragmented workflows of its individual national companies and implement lean, standardized processes. Axon Ivy integrates existing and new IT systems and coordinates technologies and users as a central orchestration layer.


"Metaphorically speaking, Axon Ivy is like a connecting link for us that holds together and integrates existing HR systems. We are building on our previous IT investments and fundamentally redefining the interaction of all HR tools and processes. By orchestrating all HR processes, we are making our employees' daily work easier across Europe. Among other things, they benefit from more efficient processes and improved cross-departmental communication and collaboration. This increases employee satisfaction and promotes a productive working environment," says Askaniusz Sawicki, Head of People Services & HR Transformation, Ricoh Europe.

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