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Increased productivity and competitiveness in the building material and construction machinery industry thanks to process automation


Automation experts from Axon Ivy at the bauma trade fair

Construction sites are becoming increasingly digital, with machines equipped with sensors providing data on material consumption, measuring instruments on excavators calculating the amount of material moved and restocking of supplies ordered automatically. Digitalization in the building material and construction machinery industry is one of the main topics at this year’s bauma trade fair, which is taking place in Munich from October 24 to 30. The focus here is on the automation and organization of processes. The goal is to link together all equipment via the Internet of Things and a 5G network using a process automation platform. Thanks to their in-depth industry expertise, Axon Ivy is on hand to help establish the digital construction site with their scalable platform.


Companies in the building material and construction machinery industry are faced with a host of challenges that will have a critical impact on their future. The shortage of skilled labor has been a problem for several years, with fewer and fewer young people choosing a career in the branch. Constant global crises are also resulting in supply bottlenecks and putting companies under pressure. The just-in-time delivery of goods will become an increasingly decisive factor for success in the fight for orders and major projects. Last but not least, construction site management must become more efficient – not only to increase client satisfaction, but also to ensure optimal communication and documentation at the site.

Added efficiency and quality thanks to automated processes

Automated processes allow companies to overcome the numerous demands placed on them. Of key importance here is to consider digitalization and automation holistically – after all, this is about much more than just the functions of the machinery. All processes must be incorporated, from the initial order all the way through to completion of a building project. The automation of organizational and administrative workflows offers enormous potential when it comes to saving costs and resources, not to mention increasing both efficiency and quality.


There are numerous automation possibilities during a building project, resulting in optimized, efficient workflows. For example, sensors and cameras attached to the construction machinery are able to document the progress of construction and pass the data on to the relevant departments without any media discontinuities. Any discrepancies in construction can be documented on site in real time using special measuring equipment and then rectified. Furthermore, the integration of fleet management allows trucks to enter and leave the site at optimal frequencies.

A process automation platform as central hub

“The digital construction site only works properly when all of the technologies used are coordinated with each other. This relates to the construction site and the machinery on one hand, and the management team on the other,” explains Benedikt Diekhans, Key Account Manager at Axon Ivy. An intelligent process automation platform is required here that acts as a central hub for organizing all workflows. By integrating the Internet of Things (IoT) for recording, processing and storing data from machinery and equipment, a cloud-based platform allows the entire construction site to be linked together – even across multiple sites.


“For digitalization and automation in the building material and construction machinery industry to progress to the next level, a holistic view is needed instead of the isolated use of software products,” says Benedikt Diekhans. “The goal is to use the right tools at each step of the process so that solutions can be developed across the entire value chain.”

Additional information and contact details:

https://www.axonivy.com/lp/axon-ivy-for-the-building-material-industry Axon Ivy will be on hand to advise the idustry on the effective implementation of process automation at this year’s bauma trade fair (October 24 to 30).