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Axon Ivy
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AXON Ivy and his Business Partner Technatomy digitize the Federal market

Fairfax, Virginia

Digitization becomes reality – Digital Process Automation for the Federal market

The demand for digital process automation is increasing rapidly. Government and private industry in the US wants to automate manual processes to increase efficiency. Technology companies are bringing key innovations to market and driving digital transformation.


For this reason, the systems integration company Technatomy, which focuses on the digital transformation of Federal agencies, has created a «Process Automation Hub». As a result the Axon.ivy Digital Business Platform is one of Technatomy’s key products, according to Steven Kousen, CTO at Technatomy, as he describes in his discussion with Rolf Gebhard Stephan, Managing Director of AXON Ivy. But what exactly is the role of platforms like AXON Ivy's in the Federal market?

Why Digital Process Automation?


80% of back-office processes can be automated and thus provide enormous potential for optimization. AXON Ivy enables digital transformation with the Axon.ivy Digital Business Platform. The user and his/her needs are in focus. For example, a highly developed mobile client allows offline and online access to the platform without the need for a web browser. Whether at customer meetings or on the road – it can be used regardless of location. Once connected to the network again, it synchronizes automatically.


Scalability and open architecture are also important characteristics of the platform which drive the greatest possible added value. Simple and seamless integration with existing systems makes it possible to combine the tool with other technologies without any problems. Therefore, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Digital Process Automation (DPA) can be used hand in hand to exploit the full automation potential.


RPA focuses on existing processes and automates human tasks in their given state. This is how quick success is achieved. DPA, on the other hand, typically considers the entire process across departments and often across different systems, and therefore contributes to long-term success. The combination of the two technologies creates an effective overall system which automates a large part of back-office work, which provides tremendous benefit to US Federal agencies.


About the Technatomy

Technatomy is a dynamic, highly focused government IT contractor positioned to meet the digital transformation needs of Federal government agencies. With a special emphasis on agile processes and data ops, Technatomy offers services all along the technology lifecycle — from software development and project management to O&M.