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Axon Ivy is a

Axon Ivy is a "Technology Leader"

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Process Automation of the Next Generation

Connecting people, machines, systems, and the Internet of Things seamlessly and efficiently, taking into account the needs of both business and IT users - with Axon Ivy, this is not a wish but already the reality. Quadrant Knowledge Solutions has recognized this and positioned Axon Ivy as a Technology Leader in the "SPARK Matrix™: Intelligent Business Process Management Suites, 2023".



Axon Ivy: Living Innovations

The Quadrant Knowledge Solutions SPARK Matrix™ includes a detailed analysis of global market dynamics, significant trends, vendor landscape, and competitive positioning. The study provides a competitive analysis and ranking of the leading technology vendors.


Once again, Axon Ivy is positioned as a "Technology Leader" and places itself as one of the most important providers in the global iBPMS market. "Axon Ivy empowers organizations to streamline their operations by automating their business processes and seamlessly integrating with their existing systems. Axon Ivy's unified platform orchestrates the collaboration between people, data, systems, and various platforms like AI and RPA. Its strong partner ecosystem sets Axon Ivy apart, enabling them to offer a diverse range of pre-built components."

QKS showcases Axon Ivy's exceptional capabilities:

Axon Ivy Strength: High Scalability

Effortlessly grow your business with our scalable platform that enhances customer experiences and adapts swiftly to market shifts.

Unmatched Scalability
Axon Ivy Strength: Open Architecture

Embrace the power of flexibility with our open architecture, integrating various technologies for innovative, customer-centric services.

Open Architecture
Axon Ivy Strength: Strong Partnersystem

Thrive with our robust partner ecosystem, combining diverse expertise for more innovative and comprehensive customer solutions.

Vibrant Partner Network
Axon Ivy Strength: Technology Excellence

Experience unparalleled technology innovation and reliability, boosting customer satisfaction and market competitiveness.

Technological Excellence
Axon Ivy Strength: References

Unlock a more profound understanding of business processes with use cases for tailored, customer-focused products and services.

In-depth Insights

Analysts focus on Axon Ivy

Discover how top analyst firms, such as Forrester Research and Gartner, evaluate and rank the Axon Ivy platform. Explore their insights and see where we stand in various market reports.


Forrester DPA Wave™ 2023

Forrester positions Axon Ivy as "Strong Performer" in The Forrester Wave™: Digital Process Automation Software, Q4 2023" Report.

Forrester DPA Wide Wave™ 2019

Forrester DPA Wide Wave™ 2019

Axon Ivy has been named a “Strong Performer” in the Forrester Wave™ report “Digital Process Automation For Wide Deployments, Q1 2019”.

Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for iBPMS 2019

Gartner Magic Quadrant™ for iBPMS 2019

Industry expert Gartner has once again placed the Axon Ivy platform in the renowned Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for iBPMS, 2019.