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Axon Ivy
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Use Case

Cash transactions reconciliation with AXON Ivy

Reporting of cash discrepancies in retail.

At a glance

A major retailer implemented the Axon.Ivy Digital Business Platform to record differences in cash balance after each register is closed at the end of the day and initiate reconciliations processes. Each cash discrepancy instantiates a process to clarify the cash discrepancy by the responsible departments. This ensures that the proper protocol is followed during the entire reconciliation process.

Facts and figures


  • Replacing a legacy on-premise solution in need of modernization
  • Decentralized nationwide retailer with many stores
  • Processing rules need to support both legal requirements and corporate governance


  • Solution created directly by customer with low-code approach
  • Time savings of up to 70%
  • End-to-end process, including holidays and absence management for escalation rules

Our Solution

  • Intuitive web application to manage store cash discrepancies across banks, safes, and checkout
  • Use of a Business Rule Engine (BRE) to assign tasks in case of discrepancies
  • Dashboard for transparent display of all discrepancies, broken down by branches

Why AXON Ivy?

  • Seamless integration into the IT infrastructure
  • Easy to deploy in the Google Cloud Platform
  • Integration in a Kubernetes infrastructure (Docker Services)
  • Rapid, agile implementation across stores with limited training required

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