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Top 10 Capabilities & Advantages of Axon Ivy

Solutions do not always live up to the name

The essence of a Digital Business Platform

Join Axon Ivy for this webinar, as we give an overview of the Top 10 capabilities and advantages of a Digital Automation Platform.


Successful digitalization depends on various factors. On one hand, it is very important that the overall strategy is supported by management. On the other hand, the use of a digital business platform is crucial. But what exactly is behind such a platform? What are the main capabilities that need to be delivered? Who is in charge of the platform and what skills are required?


One thing is clear: there are already many providers in the market that provide business process management technology. Nevertheless, the features, user profiles and costs could not be more different.


Process automation is vital for any digital transformation strategy. The problem is that there are different ways to automate. Axon Ivy believes that end-to-end process orchestration is the most powerful way to add value to a company.


Axon Ivy is the provider of an award-winning Digital Business Platform and has identified the 10 most important capabilities of such a platform.

In this webinar you will learn the importance of

  • a powerful process engine
  • the use of business rules
  • easy and standardized integration capabilities
  • social collaboration in process work
  • an intuitive user experience
  • Adaptive Case Management and unstructured processes
  • intelligent mobility features such as offline process work
  • integrating no-code and low-code features in the platform
  • an open architecture approach
  • having a containerized environment