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Driving Process Automation at Scale

Implementing «Continuous Process Automation» strategically to drive the Digital Transformation successfully. A webinar with guest participant Rob Koplowitz from Forrester.


«Successful digital transformation must have a strong process automation foundation» Rob Koplowitz, Forrester1


Join Axon Ivy for a webinar with guest Forrester and discover how to drive process automation at scale.


Most companies still struggle with their Digital Transformation initiatives and fall short of their expectations and timelines. This is often due to following a tactical approach rather than driving the Digital Transformation strategically. Many managers identify the most obvious problems in their organizations face, and solve these problems with point solutions, often with an expectation that everything should be achieved “out of the box.”


In this webinar, you will learn how to avoid this trap and implement strategic initiatives that continuously identify and successfully exploit digital process automation opportunities and thereby seamlessly increase the degree of automation. Your projects will become strategically, continuously, and measurably more successful.


You’ll learn some of Axon Ivy’s best practices and gain insight from Forrester’s research and observations. You’ll also hear why process automation is crucial, which technologies are available, where to apply the appropriate technology, and which organizational changes are required.


If you are driving Digital Transformation in your organization, you’ll find useful hints and resources during this session, which will help you get executive sponsors aligned with your initiatives to improve company performance continuously.

About the speakers

Rob Koplowitz, Forrester Inc.

Photo of Rob Koplowitz


VP, Principal Analyst Serving Application Development & Delivery Professionals

Rob’s research focuses on digital process automation as well as artificial intelligence and cognitive computing.


Rolf Gebhard Stephan, Axon Ivy

Photo of Rolf Gebhard Stephan


Managing Director, COO, and responsible for the internationalization of the company.

Rolf's enthusiasm for information technology inspired him to study computer science at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.


1Advance Process Automation By Keeping Automation Technologies In Their Own Lanes | By Rob Koplowitz with Christopher Mines, Abigail Livingston, Kara Hartig | November 11, 2019