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RPA Workforcemanager

Unlocking the potential between Human and Digital workers collaboration


Real-time collaboration between human and robotic workers

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) applications such as those provided by Blue Prism are used primarily to make existing work on the desktop more efficient. RPA is very effective at reducing manual steps for individual workers through the use of “robots” which automate repetitive tasks such as cutting and pasting information from scanned forms into software applications. This can be a very good first step on a company’s path to digital transformation.


Digital Process Automation (DPA) applications like the Axon.ivy Digital Business Platform move beyond individual task automation and automate processes for multiple groups and applications across the enterprise. With the Axon.ivy Digital Business Platform and RPA combined, humans, robots and systems work together in a seamless process. This is end-to-end automation and can complete a company’s digitization journey.

Gain insights from AXON Ivy, Blue Prism, and DiRWA industry experts

In this webinar, Blue Prism and AXON Ivy partner DiRWA will show you how seamlessly the Axon.ivy Digital Business Platform integrates with Blue Prism via a “plug and play” connector available on the Blue Prism Digital Exchange. We will demonstrate in just a few minutes how to build an integrated DPA/RPA solution for a sample use case - processing invoices automated through Blue Prism, with exception-handling workflow being automated by the Axon.ivy Digital Business Platform.


Please register for the event on August 11th (10 am) Central time (CDT) and discover the benefits of true end-to-end digital process automation.