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Axon Ivy
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Axon Ivy and UiPath – Digital Business Platform & RPA.


Discover the best of both worlds - Integrate RPA into your end-to-end business processes

On one hand, the Axon.ivy Digital Business Platform enables companies to create agile process applications and business workflows using low code and no code features.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) on the other hand is responsible for the fast and accurate execution of repetitive tasks.


When to use RPA:

  • When there is no API to directly integrate the corresponding system
  • When there are manual tasks to be automated


When to use a Digital Business Platform:

  • When more than one role and/or several departments are involved in the process work
  • When information is orchestrated over multiple systems
  • When transparency and traceability is essential for the process control


This webinar will:

  • Highlight the liaison of two leading process automation tools
  • Explain why task automation requires process orchestration in order to generate sustainable added value in the company
  • Showcase an end-to-end business process using UiPath for task automation


Process automation is crucial for any digital transformation strategy. Learn in this webinar how you successfully combine different tools to enable straight-through end-to-end automation.