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Axon Ivy
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AXON Ivy exclusively distributes the epilot eCommerce Cloud in Switzerland

Lucerne, Switzerland

The intelligent cloud solution for the energy market is now in Switzerland exclusively distributed by AXON Ivy

Joachim Brügger, Business Development Manager of AXON Ivy is convinced that epilot is one step ahead of the liberalisation of the Swiss electricity market.


In the German utilities market, the platform is already successfully used for digital interaction in the triangle between customer, installer and electricity supplier.

Digital interaction - also on the Swiss market.

AXON Ivy AG was founding member of the start-up epilot GmbH in August 2017. The idea behind it: epilot should help to make energy providers (so called EVUs) fit for the digital future and accompany them into the new, digital energy product world. With the help of the eCommerce Cloud, a multi-product platform, energy suppliers are to be transformed into innovative energy service providers who supply their customers with any products and services related to energy.


Concentrated competence of known energy giants

Behind epilot is Michel Nicolai, formerly Trianel, who, as head of the department, had founded the digital platform for energy services "T-PED" and was responsible for it. At epilot, he now holds the position of CEO and heads the operational business. Furthermore, EVB B&S is also involved, providing strategic, targeted and effective support to energy market partners in all market roles and in all requirement areas and processes of the complex energy market.

"At epilot, we bundle know-how from market knowledge, innovative strength and IT expertise. With our support, energy providers will take on the central role in a digital and networked energy world", epilot Managing Director Michel Nicolai is convinced.

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About epilot

In summer of 2017, Michel Nicolai, Szilard Toth, Rolf Benken and Johannes Alte-Teigeler founded epilot together with the Swiss IT company AXON IVY. We epilots are experts in the fields of energy management, cloud business, sales and eCommerce. Taking a closer look at the energy market it became clear: the time is right for a new generation of software solution for utilities. Our goal is to manage all products and services in processes in a simple, digital and customer-centered way.