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Process automation for medium-sized enterprises

The right solution for every business size

Size isn’t everything.

The automation of processes is also increasingly becoming a key success factor for medium-sized enterprises. Competition is fierce and delivery times, quality and customer satisfaction all play a decisive role in influencing how competitive companies are. In order to remain successful on the market, reliable and efficient processes are needed that free up resources and focus increasingly on the core business and innovations.


As a result, medium-sized enterprises also have to identify and exploit the potential for automation. This doesn’t have to be done all at once – small steps are a more sensible option. Companies can already benefit from the automation of a few minor processes.


Advantages of process automation:

  • Increased quality and efficiency
  • Saving of time, costs and resources
  • Improved customer and employee satisfaction
  • Minimization of risks


Axon Ivy: A reliable partner at your side

However, medium-sized enterprises often don’t have the necessary resources at their disposal to confront the many different aspects of digitalization or assess the feasibility of new technologies in the required depth. This is where Axon Ivy comes in – a reliable partner who understands the challenges faced by your company. Regardless of whether you start small and automate additional processes gradually or implement a major automation right from the outset – by implementing a holistic solution and a comprehensive strategy, we can accompany you on the path towards digital transformation.


Using the Axon Ivy platform, you can implement process automation at lightning speed and benefit from the advantages within a matter of weeks thanks to low-code support. The fundamental licensing model allows the platform to be used by as few as five users, with the number of users adaptable at any time to grow in line with your requirements. The amount of automated processes is not a price driver, meaning you can utilize the scalability of the platform to the full.


Processes can be automated and managed more efficiently and with fewer errors than ever before using the business process automation platform from Axon Ivy. This means you can rely on us to ensure smooth processes, leaving you to concentrate on your core business and skills.


Use Cases

Whether invoice receipts, granting approvals or workflows in everyday business, medium-sized businesses are also faced with processes where automation would significantly benefit both employees and the business as a whole. Find out more in our use cases:

Implementation of an invoice receipt process.

Implementation of an invoice receipt process

Automating the process from invoice receipt to payment and archiving optimizes the process and makesnot only less error-prone, but also more efficient.

Ordering and approval process for hardware, software and accesses.

Ordering and approval process for hardware, software and accesses

Via the Axon Ivy Portal employees place hardware and software orders and access requests.

Digitization of sales processes.

Digitization of sales processes

Axon Ivy is used as the central platform for digitizing the sales processes of a beverage manufacturer.